World War III was the main backstory in Tom Clancy's EndWar.


World War III started after an EFEC orbital laser satellite, hacked by Russian Spetsnaz, destroyed the Freedom 4, the last of the Freedom series of space shuttles. The shuttle was equipped with the parts needed to complete the Freedom Star military space station, and both European Federation and Russian Federation feared its existence as it could potentially threaten their security. On board the shuttle was also a group of marines. All marines inside were killed, and the United States declared war on the EF, believing they were responsible for what occurred. Thirty minutes after the declaration of war, Russia saw this as an opportunity to expand their sphere of influence in Eastern Europe, and declared war on the EF as well. Shocked at the idea of Russia setting up a new Eastern Bloc, and the rate of success Russia were in their surprise attack (known territories of the EF invaded include Poland, Greece, Finland, Sweden and Norway), the US soon declared war on Russia also, believing that war with Russia was inevitable. World War III had begun.

Results of WarEdit

There is no predetermined winner, the player can decide that for themselves by playing EndWar. The player has a choice of commanding the JSF, EFEC or Spetsnaz, each belonging to the three major powers of the war.


In the Tom Clancy universe, the events that occur in the game itself are not part of the main universe. However, some events before World War III are implied to have occurred in other games, such as the formation of the Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield (SLAMS) between the European Union (before the formation of the European Federation) and the United States. This is evidenced by the fact that, in both H.A.W.X and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, European orbital laser satellites seem to be used and mentioned. Other events, such as the formation of the JSF and Scott Mitchell being promoted to General, do not occur. Whether or not Saudi Arabia and Iran had a nuclear war in 2016, or the formation of the European Federation in 2018, in the main Tom Clancy timeline, are both left unknown or left ambiguous in later Tom Clancy games (EFEC vehicles still exist, such as the EC-220 "Gadfly" and EC-660 "Whirlwind" in the HAWX series).

The events that do occur in the Tom Clancy timeline in EndWar supposedly occur immediately after the events of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. The events which branch EndWar's storyline into its own universe, leading up to World War III, supposedly branch off just before the Freedom Star military space station begins construction in 2020. This is because the Freedom Star is shown to be the catalyst from which the war sparks, as it is the result of the deteriorating relations between the US and the EF.

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