Wolves is a unit has been used by the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade in the game Endwar.[1]


It is without a doubt that the Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Wolves believes it is better to be feared than to be loved. They are known for their toughness, brutality, and ruthlessness in combat. This has led to many critics who say that the Wolves are little more than sociopaths and thugs who enjoy killing. However, this criticism is both unfair and untrue. The men and women who make up this group have just seen so much conflict and war that what is considered inhuman to others no longer fazes them. Also, considering them just "thugs" would be a fatal mistake as they are among the most skilled and experienced soldiers in the world.

Tech commentaryEdit

Russia decided to stay with what works. The AK-74 and its variants are still in use in 2020, despite being a design that was created in 1974. A number of improvements have been made upon its 5.45mm ammunition, but the rifle itself is essentially unchanged. The only difference is that now an array of attachments are easily installed on the weapon and the muzzle brake has been improved. Snipers in the Wolves are armed with the OSV-120 sniper rifle. This is the newest and most advanced rifle in the SGB arsenal. When evaluating weapons for SGB use no existing designs met its requirements for a high-caliber sniper rifle. This led to the development of the OSV-120 in 2009. The design was finalized in 2016. Since then the weapon has gained a reputation for reliability and accuracy. The Spetsnaz seem to have a idea of having female snipers because all snipers for the Wolves seem to be female.

SGB armor is worn on the inside of the uniform rather than the outside. The armor itself is heavy and can be both uncomfortable and difficult to move around in. It also gives SGB soldiers a large, bulky look. This, combined with the tenacity and determination of your average Wolves soldier, can make an SGB charge a very fearsome sight.


Primary armament Ak-74 and variants, OSV-120 12.7MM sniper rifle.

Special features Can take advantage of cover, garrison buildings, can capture uplink points.


  • The 12.7mm is equivalent to a .50-caliber sniper rifle round.

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