United States Navy is a naval branch of the US military.

2021 WarEdit

U.S.S. James Lawrence carrier strike group in Operation Ulysses

Reaper Flight assigned to protect the U.S.S. James Lawrence carrier strike group at Straits Of Magallan while it get into firing range at Las Trinidad naval fleet. After the fight, the Myrmidon and her escort frigates staged a sneak attack on U.S.S. James Lawrence carrier strike group. As a result, Reaper Flight defected and attacking the Myrmidon and her escort frigates. After the destruction of the Myrmidon, Captain David Crenshaw and his squadron left Artemis and rejoined back H.A.W.X. Squadron.

U.S.S. Andrew Jackson carrier battle group in Operation Typhoon

The U.S.S. Andrew Jackson carrier battle group has been in Tokyo Bay for the last forty-eight hours, taking on supplies for a high-speed transit back to the United States of America. A F-14B pilot with his wingmen of Thunder Flight and Japan Self-Defense Forces assigned to protect U.S.S. Andrew Jackson carrier battle group from Artemis' attacks and clear a way for its return to Western United States.

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