The U.S.S. James Lawrence is a United States Navy aircraft carrier in service during 2021. It participated in the US conflict of that year and served as the base for the reactivated H.A.W.X. Squadron.

Operation: UlyssesEdit

Reaper Flight had given a mission to provide aerial cover for the James Lawrence battle group while the fleet preparing to attack the Las Trinidad naval fleet stationed at Magallan Straits and it was destroyed.

Then, an Artemis naval fleet, Task Force 7, staged a sneak attack on the battle group through their state-of-the-art warship, the Myrmidon. The giant ship attempted to destroy the battle group, but Reaper Flight quickly destroyed the Myrmidon and her escort frigates before it could get into firing range. After the Myrmidon's destruction, Crenshaw and his wingmen left Artemis and rejoined the H.A.W.X. Squadron.

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