This is a fan made location title, this game does not feature a title for this location.

Training Warehouse
Training warehouse 2
Faction: USA
Organization: NSA
Location Details
Terrain: Indoors

The Training Warehouse is where Sam Fisher is able to train before starting his missions in the video game Splinter Cell (GBA).

Location DetailsEdit

The training warehouse was created to train new agents. The area first seen is a outside of a warehouse like building with gray brick walls and red lights on the wall. Like many other locations the building has ladders and polls for Sam to climb around on, only this one also has red arrows painted on the wall in order to direct new agents in training threw the course.

The next section that Fisher had entered was a bit more put together than the last. This area had stell gray walls with multiple floors. Not only does it have a camera in this section, but it also has a rappel wall that is needed to get down to the the bottom floor. Once there in order to get through, new agents need to shoot and turn over four white targets which turn red after being shot or hit with any type of grenade. The next room in the area also has two targets which can only be hit with the near by smoke grenades.

Training warehouse

The Training Warehouse from an outside view

Aside from cameras, rappel walls and climbing polls there also is a room with two doors, a red light and locked door. The only way for new agents to get passed this door is to use the set of lockpicks that they were provided with. After unlocking the door they are granted access into the room, inside of which contains safe which also happens to be locked.

After making it passed the safe new agents must now use their night vision within their multivisin goggles to see inside of the dark room. Once the new agents have turned on their night vision they can make their way through the obsticle and head to the next rooom. This room, like the last, requires agents to use their thermal vision in order to see the lasers infront of them. After jumping over two lazers and stealth crouching under two more, the new agents will have completed the mission, also ending their training.

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