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Training is a common term. For other uses see, Training (Disambig).

Training (GBA)
Faction: USA
Organization: NSA
Division: Third Echelon
Location: Training Warehouse

Training is the training level for the video game Splinter Cell for Nintendo's Gameboy Advanced.

Mission OverviewEdit

All right, Fisher. We'll get through this as quickly as possible. We'll start simple; Follow the indicators to get through the area.

Lambert's briefing message

Fisher starts in a Training Warehouse with red arrows painted on the walls and is instructed to to follow them in order to clear the area. After climbing the near by ladder, he finds himself having to run and jump from several platforms in the air. Fisher then see's a hanging poll and uses it climb threw a small gap in the wall, continueing on his path. He climbs down another ladder that revealed a door entering into another area.

As Fisher enters the room Lamert chimes in again, "Good job Fisher. We'll do the same thing again, but it'll be a bit harder this time. Follow the indicators to get through the area". Sam starts to head out but before he gets the chance to be seen by the camera comming up, Lambert informs him that he can hide in the shadows. He uses his Sticky Camera check out the area and to see when the surveillance camera was facing the other direction so he could make his way under it. He stood patiently under the camera until it past him by and made his way once again.

He came up to a rappel wall next and attached on to it useing his rope. Step by step he made his way down until he was safely on the ground and made his way west this time. At the bottom of the rappel wall, Sam pulled out his gun, stood as tall as he could, and shot a white target hanging in front of him. He then kneeled in a steath crouch and shot the same looking target lower to the ground. After throwing a smoke grenade at one more target Fisher comes to a door and enters.

Fisher then finds himself entering a room with a door directly to the left of him which Lambert tells him he is not ready to enter. Before he was able to do so, Fisher realized that he needed to use the box of smoke grenades in the room to turn over two targets to the right of him. After aiming carefully Fisher landed two separate smoke grenades next to each target turning them red.

Training 2 (GBA)

Fisher getting ready to crack a safe.

Lambert messaged in, "Looks good, Fisher, we're ready to move on. To get through the next door you'll need to use your lockpicks". Fisher moves on to the only door in the room and pulls out the lockpicks he had on him. After moving the pins around in the lock the door unlocks and Sam enters the room only to find a locked safe which he must get inside of. Lambert interrupts Sam once again, "In this room you'll find a safe, open it by turning each of the three wheels to the correct angle".

After Sam cracks the safe and gets ready to leave he gets an incomming message from Lambert again, "Ok Fisher, time to test your Multivision Goggles, first pass through the next door. (Fisher does as told) The room is dark, Fisher, you'll need your Night Vision to get through it. Press 'start' to open your inventory, then select your Night Vision.

Fisher turns on his Night Vision and makes his way to the next area. Once entering the room Sam gets yet another message from Lambert, "Now your Thermal Vision. Select it from your inventory as before, then pass throught the room, avoiding the lasers on the floor". Sam does so and Lambert messages in again, "Sharp work, Fisher. Be ready for it, and do us proud. Welcome to the NSA". Fisher walks out the last door finishing the mission[1].


These are fan made objectives, this game does not feature a list of objectives.

  • Follow the red arrow indicators on the walls to get through the first area.
  • Follow the yellow arrow indicators on the walls to get through the second area.
  • Use the lockpicks to get inside the locked door.
  • Get inside the safe by turning the wheels to the correct angle.
  • Use the night vision and make it through the dark area.
  • Use the thermal vision and make it past the four lasers.
  • Extract from mission via exit door.

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  1. Splinter Cell (GBA)

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