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This is our section for news topics that have been placed on the main page in the past. After current topics become "old news" they will be placed in this archive for users to go back and remember what was going on in the Tom Clancy Universe during a certain point in time. To suggest a news topic see, Suggest News.


Chris Pine to Play Jack Ryan?Edit

Written By: SawBucks - November 2nd, 2009
Chris Pine
According to Variety, Chris Pine from the 2009 smash hit Star Trek is currently negotiating whether or not he will take on the role of CIA analyst Jack Ryan. While the talks with Pine have just recently begun, Paramount Pictures has a strong feeling that he will be taking on the role. A few other matters do reside in the balance however. It is unknown if Pine will need to take on the role of James T. Kirk once again before the Tom Clancy reboot takes place, Pine is also deciding if he's going to play a character in the upcoming film "The Art of Making Money" due to begin filming in 2010. (Read More

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