The Tom Clancy Wiki's IRC chat room is at: #tomclancy
(Alternatively you can use the Mibbit in-browser client if you haven't downloaded an IRC client!)
Mibbit Screenshot

Screenshot from the free java in-browser mibbit irc client.

IRC ChatEdit

The Tom Clancy Wiki has set up an IRC chat channel (Internet Relay Chat) to better help communicate with one another. The chat has been set up under the UselessIRC network and not only is it 100% free but it's also easy to use. It is both available for people who have downloaded IRC clients to use (eg. mIRC or IceChat) or for people who would just like to use Java chat in their browser, hassle free! If you have an IRC client you can get to our channel by Clicking Here, if you have an IRC client you can get to the Idle RPG by Clicking Here or if you don't have an IRC client you can use the mibbit in-browser client by Clicking Here. The Idle RPG channel can be linked to from our Tom Clancy channel, or while in the mibbit type "/join #irpg".

Looking for Help? Edit

If your looking for help the IRC chat is a great way to go about it, however being a somewhat new addition, there isn't always a lot of people in the channel from the wiki. If you need help and cannot go about finding it in the IRC chat channel, you can also check out our User Questions, Help or SysOp pages. If your problem is about a specific page then please leave a message by clicking the discussion tab and leaving a message there. If you need general wikia help you can check out the Wikia IRC Channel (You may or may not be able to find any Tom Clancy Wiki administrators in there, but they can help with a range of topics from wikia and wiki's). Otherwise if you pop in the irc channel and nobody is able to respond to you, just leave a message or type "/ms Send SawBucks <YOUR MESSAGE HERE>" (remember not to type the < >) but make sure to leave your wiki user name in your message if you wish someone to get back to you.
IceChat7 Screenshot

Screenshot from the free IceChat7 IRC Client

Basic Commands Edit

The UselessIRC server runs on a lot, if not most, of the commands used by Gamesurge and they are adding new commands that can be used all the time. For a complete list of commands you can see the Basic Commands List or you can check out the User Channel Modes just to get a better feel for some of the many things that can be done while in an IRC chat session. Some other basic commands to help get started are listed below. The nickname section is what you want your account name to be (it doesn't have to be the name you would like to be called, just something you would remember, your wiki user name should work just fine) and the password is whatever you choose it to be. One of the easiest way to use these commands is to download an IRC Client and set these up in the "Auto Preform" section so that they type themselves in the second you enter the room from your IRC client. All commands are to be typed in the IRC server itself. It may also take some time in between starting an account and authenticating it. As for entering the commands you do not need to type in capitol letters and DO NOT type the "<" and the ">" when entering them into the chat server.

User Commands: Edit

This is a basic list of the commands that any user can use.

To start an account with type;

  • /msg authserv@services.usel REGISTER <NICKNAME/USERNAME> <PASSWORD> <EMAIL>

To authenticate an account once registered type;

  • /msg authserv@services.usel AUTH <NICKNAME/USERNAME> <PASSWORD>

To log in type;


To hide your I.P. address from the rest of the room type;

  • /mode <NICKNAME/USERNAME> +x

Admin Commands: Edit

A System Operator (aka SysOp or Op) is given rank in number form from 200 being the lowest and 500 being the highest. 100-199 is "Peon" (Regular User), 200-299 is "Op" (System Operator), 300-399 is "Master" (Op that can add more Op's)and 400-499 is "Co-Owner" (Full channel control).

To see your rank number type;

  •  !a

To see a user's rank number type;


To add an Op with the default 200 point rank type;


To custom add an Op with a certain amount of rank points type;

  •  !Adduser <NICKNAME/USERNAME> <0-499>

To see the list of things that can be set type;

  •  !set

IRC Commands: Edit

These are some of the extra features that users can use while in the IRC channel.

To ask the magic 8 ball a question type;

  •  !8Ball <QUESTION>

To send another user a memo type;


To read a memo sent by another user type;

  • /ms Read <MEMO NUMBER>
    • This is the number of the memo you wish to read, the first is "0", to see a list of the memo's, see memo list below.

To delete a memo sent by another user type;

  • /ms Delete <MEMO NUMBER>

To see a list of your active memo's type;

  • /ms List

To see a list of the commands that MemoServ can use type;

  • /ms Help

The Tom Clancy Wiki's IRC chat room is at: #tomclancy
(Alternatively you can use the Mibbit in-browser client if you haven't downloaded an IRC client!)

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