March 3rd, 2020

  • European Federation uplink sites in the "lawless zone," where Croatia used to be, were attacked by an as-yet unidentified group of terrorists from a beached cargo ship. They were repulsed by EF Enforcers Corps forces. During the battle, the EF attempted to gain access to the cargo ship that the terrorists used but the ship was destroyed before they could gain access. (EndWar)


April 4th, 2020

  • After the final module of the Freedom Star was set to launch from Kennedy Space Center amid international outcry, the same group of terrorists attacked the module and attempted to destroy it, using the same methods as the Croatian attack. Once again they were repulsed by the United States Joint Strike Force as reports of yet another terrorist attack came in, this time of an assault on the Rozenburg petrol plant in The Netherlands. After being defeated by EFEC forces, the terrorists identifed themselves as the "Forgotten Army" comprised of people from a collection of failed states in the Balkans, Africa and South America. Following a final terrorist attack, this time on a Russian power plant near Minsk, the US finds "conclusive evidence" that the European Federation's defense minister, François Pulain, funded the Forgotten Army with modern military equipment. They sent a black-ops team to abduct him while he inspects the Copenhagen uplink network, but an anonymous call by Russia informs Danish police and together with EFEC forces trap the team in one of the uplinks. (EndWar)

April 7th, 2020

  • The US crashed Copenhagen's uplinks and sent in JSF units to rescue the trapped team. The US successfully repeled the EFEC's first attack, but European forces were able to counter-attack and reboot Copenhagen's uplinks in their favor, forcing the JSF forces to surrender and allowed US safe passage back. While emergency peace talks were held in London, it was revealed that Russia funded the Forgotten Army's attacks as well as planting the evidence against Pulain, citing the need to keep the EF and the US from uniting in order to take Russia's oil. To ensure that war was sparked between the two powers, elements of the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade embark on a covert operation to upload a virus into the European SLAMS network at the Rovaniemi air base in Finland. The virus causes an E.F. orbital laser satellite to shoot down the new Freedom Star module during lift off, thinking it to be an ICBM. The entire crew was killed, and news reports blaming problems from from "Malfunction" to "Terrorist Hijacking" to "E.F. Satellite." This final act started a war between the two powers. Russia initially joined the U.S. under the guise of "aiding it in its crusade against Europe" and invades E.F. controlled Poland, but the United States saw this as an attempt to reform the Eastern Bloc and attacks Russia. World War 3 had begun. (EndWar)

World War IIIEdit


During the course of the war several situations arise such as adverse weather conditions like typhoons causing people to become homeless and rescue teams being dispatched, and reports of protest against the war. These parts of the story are told via television reports. Also, they report the sinking of an enemy ship ( the US's USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)), the EF's Joan of Arc II, or Russia's Ulyanovsk) by airstrikes and WMD's.

When the war has ended, the winning faction takes control of the world and a special scene is shown, which shows the winning faction's flag and troops parading with the voice of the faction's General talking about their victory and what will happen in the future; depending on whether it is America, Europe or Russia that is the winning side, the cut scene is different due to different speeches by Generals and different reasons for starting the war.

EndWar (Novel)

It is the year 2020. After capturing a Russian GRU Colonel named Pavel Doletskaya in Moscow, Team Victor of the Joint Strike Force (JSF) retreats from Russia, with Sergeant Nathan Vatz as the sole survivor. Colonel Doletskaya is interrogated by Major Alice Dennison back in the U.S. The colonel refuses to answer any questions, even under torture. The interrogation is then turned over to Charles Shakura, the JSF's top interrogator. Yet the Colonel still holds out and he is then sent to Cuba. Meanwhile, Outlaw Team, composed of Marine Force Recon, is dispatched to rescue the Colonel when his plane is shot down in the Cuban jungle. The team finds only one survivor, Shakura. Outlaw Team's leader, Sergeant McAllen, is told that this was only a decoy, and that Colonel Doletskaya was ferried to Cuba on a submarine.

Prior to this time, all U.S. Special Operations Forces are merged into one combined task force termed the "Joint Strike Force" (JSF). In 2016, there is a nuclear war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, annihilating both countries. This war leads Russia into being the world's leading oil producer. In 2018, Europe becomes one country called the European Federation (EF). The United Nations is then disbanded. The US and EF are no longer allies. After launching the Freedom Star space station from the JFK Space Center in 2020, the space station is attacked by the Green Brigade, a powerful and infamous left-wing ecoterrorist group. All Marines aboard are killed and the Russians are blamed for this. The purpose of the space station is to allow the United States to be able to deploy 3 brigades of U.S. Marines anywhere in the world within 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, Major Stephanie 'Siren' Halverson and her wingman, Captain Jake 'Ghost Hawk' Boyd, observe multiple Russian Ka-29 helos flying over Canadian land. While trying to scare the Russian helicopters back to the border, Captain Boyd's F35 is shot down by rocket fire. Major Halverson then shoots down two-and-a-half dozen more Russian helicopters and tries to land the bird to rescue Jake. He refuses to be rescued because Major Halverson would then run the risk of being captured or killed by the Spetsnaz forces. After giving her sidearm to Boyd, she returns and takes off in her F35. Soon after, Spetsnaz troops arrive via a Ka-29, and Boyd is killed. Halverson receives a call from the President, and the U.S. fully realizes that Russia is invading Canada. At that time, Canada is the world's second leading oil producer. After refueling and rearming at Igloo Base, which is destroyed seconds after both pilots take off, Major Halverson with her new wingman Captain Lisa 'Sapphire' Johansson and two other F35s attack and destroy a large staging ground with Ka-29 helicopters and AN-130 super carrier jets. During that engagement, a flight of Russian SU-39 fighter jets shoot down all of the F35s, with Major Halverson being the only survivor. Back in the U.S., Major Dennison figures out the answers to the questions. Operation 2659 is the invasion of Canada, and Snegurockha is Colonel Viktoria Antsyforov. Colonel Doletskaya falls in love with her until she dies.

During that time, Outlaw Team is sent to Canada to find Major Halverson and rescue her, their orders from the President himself. Sergeant Vatz's Team also arrives in Canada to combat Spetsnaz troops in the town of High Level, Alberta. Half of Vatz's team dies when the C-130 is shot down. Khaki, an ex-Canadian Special Forces soldier, ow a helicopter pilot responsible for transporting Outlaw team to Major Halverson, lands in the town held by Sgt Vatz in order to refuel. At that point, the Russians stage an assault on the airfield, successfully destroying Khaki's helicopter. Outlaw Team begins to form a plan to take a Russian KA-29 helo, and in doing so, are able to enlist the help of one Captain Pravota. Outlaw team then tells Pravota to fly to the location where they will find Halverson. He agrees but warns that the helo has mechanical problems. Pravota tells them that he wants to go with the US soldiers on the return trip to the United States, and McAllen quickly agrees. Pravota is told to shoot Spetsnaz ground troops and he obeys, unleashing the Ka-29s impressive firepower. After thinking they are Spetsnaz troops, Major Halverson begins to open fire at the helicopter, almost injuring the Outlaw Team. After realizing that is the Outlaw Team, she is rescued. Sergeant Vatz's Team, the Bravo Team, goes into combat with a handful of Spetsnaz, and some of his troops are killed.

Back in Moscow, the president of the Russian Federation, is called. It is Snegurockha and Green Vox. Green Vox is the leader of infamous terrorist group, the Green Brigade Transnational. They tell the president that they have put two nuclear bombs in Calgary and Edmonton and will detonate them in 48 hours. The only catch is that they will wait for most of the citizen to evacuate, and more of the Spetsnaz to move in. The president demands help from the US to defuse it after all attempts on negotiations with the two terrorists fail. The terrorists put the nuclear bombs in the two cities in order to effectifevly turn the world guns on Russia, and bring any neutral countries into war, because the two cities also have large oil refineries. The President charges Sergeant Marc Rakken to send two Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST) teams to defuse it. Marc Rakken leads them to the nuclear bombs and defuses it before it detonates. However, Marc Rakken sacrifices himself to save the entire NEST team when a lone Spetsnaz troop throws a grenade at them. In the end, Snegurockha kills Green Vox because they fail to detonate the nuclear bombs. Spetsnaz troops begin to evacuate from Canada. The Outlaw Team leader gets his legs shot up, but Major Halverson survives. Nathan Vatz is relieved that the war is over, but also finds out that Rakken died to save the entire NEST Team. Major Alice Dennison approached Colonel Doletskaya and tells him that Colonel Viktoria Antsyforov is still alive and currently hiding out in Canada. Colonel Pavel Doletskaya tells her that he will help Dennison to capture Viktoria, and she frees him. Major Dennison later calls President Becerra and tells him that she hasn't told all of the information to Doletskaya, but he's in on their plan.



In 2021, Artemis signs a lucrative defense contract with Brazil, making it one of the most powerful PMCs in the world. However, shortly after the contract is signed, Las Trinidad, an alliance of anti-US South American states, launches an invasion on Rio de Janeiro.

With the help of Crenshaw and his squadron, Artemis and the Brazilian military are able to push back the assault. The United States then sends in forces to intervene in the conflict, thereby subverting Artemis' role in the conflict and pushing the company towards financial difficulties as its stocks drop. In response, Artemis terminates its contract and attempts to drive out "interfering" U.S. forces in the Magellan Strait, as Las Trinidad had offered them a better deal. Then, its naval forces attack a U.S. carrier battle group. Unwilling to turn on their own country, Crenshaw and his squadron side with the United States and help them destroy the Artemis forces in the area.

After the United States orders Artemis to disarm, the PMC knocks out U.S. communication and radar systems (despite previously having their Caribbean HQ bombed by U.S. B-52s in a retaliatory strike), rendering the entire nation nearly defenseless, and launches a massive preemptive attack on United States soil. Though H.A.W.X manages to prevent them from taking Washington, DC and assassinating the President of the United States, Artemis manages to attack and capture numerous American cities and military facilities, severely damaging U.S. military capability (and the White House). Crenshaw and his squadron then assists the American counterattack against Artemis as the U.S. military attempts to regain their footing. However, as the United States begins gaining the upper hand with the help of Japan and NATO, Adrian DeWinter, the CEO of Artemis, announces that he has stolen some of the United States' nuclear weapons and gives the President an ultimatum, surrender in 24 hours or watch the United States be destroyed.

H.A.W.X, along with the Ghost Recon team and the US military, manage to restore the SLAMS missile defense shield — found in Tom Clancy's EndWar and retake the stolen nukes, but Artemis still has a trump card. Artemis forces managed to smuggle one nuclear warhead into Los Angeles and threatens to detonate it. With the warhead eventually located by AWACS Citadel and destroyed by Crenshaw with seconds to spare, the Artemis threat was destroyed once and for all.

In the epilogue which takes place several weeks later, it is revealed that Artemis has been completely destroyed, however DeWinter and other Artemis executives have managed to escape and are now international fugitives. The conflict between the United States and Artemis, despite lasting only less than 72 hours, had caused over 40,000 civilian and military deaths all across the United States, prompting the United Nations to begin a crackdown on all PMCs. PMCs are now either forced to take on small scale support and logistical roles, as they had at the turn of the century, or they will be dismantled. Meanwhile, Crenshaw alone is sent on a black operation to assassinate DeWinter and his subordinates. Thanks to intelligence provided by Third Echelon, Crenshaw destroys Dewinter's hideout located above a series of canyons.

H.A.W.X. 2 (Wii)

The game tells the story of Arrow, a mercenary pilot in the employ of DDI, a ruthless private military corporation led by Colonel Frank "Rainmaker" Ostreger. Arrow however does not approve of the DDI's lack of morality and eventually leaves the PMC to join H.A.W.X. The player's adversaries in the game are known only as "the enemy" and are largely unknown. The only exception is the mysterious yet extremely dangerous enemy mercenary ace codenamed Major Zeal.

H.A.W.X 2

Sometime after the events of the first game, the H.A.W.X squadron is sent to Middle East, where a high level of violence is taking place, and the appearance of various insurgents leaders in various hotspots is becoming common. The team also has to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Russian nuclear weapons.

The game begins with Colonel David Crenshaw piloting a routine patrol mission in the Middle East. After stopping an insurgent attack, a volley of cruise missiles is fired at the Prince Faisal Air Force Base where Crenshaw was stationed. After one of the missiles disables Crenshaw's aircraft, resulting Crenshaw being in enemy captivity and the deaths of his comrades from the previous game. A joint strike force, coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Simms and composed of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and a Ghost Recon squad executes an operation to rescue Crenshaw. They are supported by Major Rebecca Walters, who pilots an AC-130 gunship during the rescue. In Scotland, Royal Navy Pilot Colin Munro encounters an unidentified passenger aircraft that explodes from an on-board bomb when undergoing a training exercise. In Russia, an air force squadron led by Colonel Denisov and Captain Dimitri Sokov engages separatist aircraft but is ordered to retreat from the region after numerous Russian military installations have been attacked.

Shortly after his rescue, Crenshaw stays on board an aircraft carrier due to an injured arm and conducts a remote surveillance operation with Voron agent Drachev. Drachev was originally undercover inside the Middle Eastern insurgent cell for Russia, only to have his cover blown. A large scale military operation composed of Drachev and the U.S. military is undertaken to secure the region. Shortly after, Drachev executes a joint-operation with Russian Spetznaz and the Russian Air Force to recover stolen nuclear warheads from Separatists in Romaniskhov. However, only two out of the three warheads were recovered, and Drachev's transport is shot down during the middle of the extraction. Colonel Denisov and Captain Sokov provide air support to the best of their abilities, only to be ordered by General Morgunov, to blow up the Nevskaya Dam in order to prevent the warheads from falling into enemy hands. This presumably kills everyone on the ground, but Drachev survives. Despite their efforts, a nuclear warhead is detonated in the Romashkino oil field, crippling Russia's energy supplies. As a result of the attack, Russian Ultranationalists seize control of Russia under the leadership of President Alexander Treshkayev.

While Sokov pilots a UAV to kill the separatists, Drachev covertly calls him in a command center, revealing that the events in Russia had been a ruse for the Russian Ultranationalists to sabotage Russia's energy industry and seize control of the Russian government. As a result of Ultranationalist control, Russia would then create war to gather much-needed resources and the government would be declared as heroes. Drachev has Sokov trace a call with one of the Separatists members to General Morgunov, Sokov's commanding officer. After being privy of the truth, Sokov escapes from a military installation with Drachev and retreats to Crenshaw's custody with the incriminating evidence. Drachev and U.S. pilots Hunter, Simms, and Walters undergo a joint operation to disarm one of the remaining warheads in Cape Town.

Meanwhile, Munro and the Royal Navy repels an assault by the Russian Navy. The Royal Navy then undergoes a joint operation with the U.S. military, Sokov, Drachev, and Norwegian forces to attack Morgunov's military and assault Moscow. During the final stages of the operation, Morgunov reveals that he and Treskayev did not act on their own, but were "following orders" from a "mysterious organization." He intends to detonate nuclear warheads at a captured military base to attack the organization. The H.A.W.X squadron proceeds with the final assault and destroys the underground base, with Simms and Walters being killed by attacks from space lasers, Colonel Denisov being killed in an engagement with Hunter, and Morgunov being blown to pieces by Hunter during the assault on his command bunker, leaving only Major Alex Hunter, Captain Dimitri Sokov, and Agent Drachev's entire assault force.

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