February 1st, 2000:

  • Vyacheslav Grinko's first traceable payment from President Nikoladze surfaced at the bank account of Albert Wentworth (Grinko's alias). Monthly payments continue until January 11th, 2001 when he took on a new alias. (Splinter Cell (Game))


September 10th, 2000:



January 1st, 2001:

  • Monthly payments to the account of Albert Wentworth (Grinko's alias) stopped coming in. It has been assumed that he had taken a new alias at this time to protect himself. (Splinter Cell (Game))

January 3rd, 2001:

  • Varlam v. Cristavi secured his position as Minister on Nikoladze's Cabinet. As Minister, he represented the district of Marneulis. (Splinter Cell (Game))

January 22nd, 2001:


February 3rd, 2001:

  • D.P. Brunton had consulted the NSA on restructuring their network due to the crash that had happened on January 22nd, 2001 (this had lasted until September 7th of 2001). (Pandora Tomorrow)


May 5th, 2001:

  • Mitchell D. Dougherty joined a 12-step program called "Letting Go of the Small Stuff". The program was hosted at his local YMCA building. As of October 31st, 2004, Dougherty had still attended the 12-step program on a regular basis. (Splinter Cell (Game))


September 7th, 2001:

  • D.P. Brunton finishes his work on the NSA's servers that crashed on January 22nd, 2001. He began his work on February 3rd, 2001. (Pandora Tomorrow)

September 8th, 2001:

  • D.P. Brunton is hired on full-time with the NSA. He becomes the Technological Consultant for Inter-Agency liaison. (Pandora Tomorrow)

September 12th, 2001:

  • Varlam V. Cristavi began selling information about Nikoladze's oil policies to Agent [[David Tanahill] with the CIA. He gives this information every two-to-ten weeks and continued to do so as of November 13th, 2004. (Splinter Cell (Game))

September 21st, 2001:

  • Phillip Masse makes his second attempt to breach the CIA internal network. His previous attempt granted him access for an entire 114 seconds. (Splinter Cell (Game))


October 11th, 2001:

  • Doug Shetland is removed for the field after one of his subordinates mistakenly shot a U.S. soldier named Kelly Lewis in Bagram, Afghanistan. The media referred to this as the "Bagram Incident" (Shetland goes to trial for the incident in February 3rd of 2002). (Pandora Tomorrow)


November 7th, 2001:

  • The CIA attempt to assassinate Suhadi Sadono for the second time but fail once again. The CIA's notes on the matter stated that they wouldn't care so much if his delusions of Che Guevara-ism hadn't made the angry young men of Indonesia agree with him. They thought that Sadono was a "dangerous combination of idealist and sociopath". (Pandora Tomorrow)



February 3rd, 2002:

  • Doug Shetland goes on trial for events that took place on October 16th, 2001, referred to by the media as the "Bagram Incident". (Pandora Tomorrow)


April 15th, 2002:

  • Doug Shetland was found not guilty of all charges after his trial for what the media referred to as the "Bagram Incident". Shetland was also promoted to a 5-star desk job that was consider "just shy of civilian work". (Pandora Tomorrow)


May 2nd, 2002:

  • Ingrid Ruth Karlthson gets assigned to the U.S. embassy in East Timor, Dili. (Pandora Tomorrow)

Unknown Date:

  • East Timor became a democracy. (Note: Pandora Tomorrow labels this simply in May, however, this took place specifically on May 20th in the real world) (Pandora Tomorrow)

May 24th, 2002:

  • The CIA's Special Agent Alice McCarthy Madison was transferred to Georgia with the intentions of becoming a mole within the Georgia political cabinet under President Nikoladze. (Splinter Cell (Game))


July 3rd, 2002:

July 7th, 2002:

  • Alice Madison secured her administrative position in Georgian Secretary of Defense Chokheli's office. (Splinter Cell (Game))


October 2nd, 2002:

  • Mitchell D. Dougherty received a ticket in Cheverly, MD for "Recklessly Slow Driving". (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 20th, 2002 (02:09 hours):

  • Timofei sent Phillip Masse and email regarding some "FTP'd" stuff that were taken from Mitchell Dougherty's computer. A few of the files were known as "TSA" files, which stood for Transportation Federal Security Administration, and they were thought to be CIA confirmations of digital access keys for federal air traffic servers. (Note: In the email, Masse's first name was spelled "Philip", instead of "Phillip". The email was also marked as being sent in 2002, however this may be a mistake, mainly due to the fact that the rest of the emails found in the Kalinatek mission]] were sent in 2004.) (Splinter Cell (Game))


November 17th, 2002:

  • Doug Shetland files a counter-lawsuit from when he went on trail due to the "Bagram Incident" which happened on October 16th, 2001. He was awarded over $700,000 in damages (the event took place October 16th, 2001, however, the trail happened on February 3rd of 2002). (Pandora Tomorrow)


December 9th, 2002:

  • Phillip Masse receives his first paycheck from Nikoladze's GFO Inc., and the paychecks continue to come to his bank account bi-weekly. (Splinter Cell (Game))



January 3rd, 2003:


March 28th, 2003:



April 30th, 2004:


May 3rd, 2004:

  • Alice Madison made a previous donation to President Nikoladze's campaign which gained her employment in the T'Bilisi statehouse. (Splinter Cell (Game))


September 28th, 2004:

  • Alice Madison reports to the CIA that there had been "suspicious data traffic" between some of President Nikoladze's deputies in T'Bilisi. (Splinter Cell (Game))

September 29th, 2004:

  • Some of Alice Madison's paperwork had been submitted for the transferal of President Nikoladze's encrypted files, some of which where needed to be sent to NSA analysts. The Request for the transferal as as yet unprocessed. (Splinter Cell (Game))


Unknown Date:

  • NSA agents Alice Madison and William Blaustein were sent into the Kakheti Mountains in Georgia, the former USSR. They killed two men by Sniper Rifle and infiltrated a terroristic facility by air vent. After witnessing a potential threat involving many military troops and a large amount of tanks, they were both kidnapped before they were able to make their escape.(Introduction Scene for PS2 version) (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 3rd, 2004:

October 4th, 2004:

  • Alice Madison missed her daily report to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • The CIA-implanted tracking subdermal's motion within the body of Alice Madison was reduced to less than twenty meters per day, suggesting that she was being held somewhere. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 5th, 2004:

Unknown Date:

  • Sam Fisher and his daughter Sarah were deep sea diving somewhere in the pacific ocean when a vessel came topside right next to their boat. Vernon Wilkes Jr. stepped off the vessel and informed Fisher a situation that the NSA needed help with and that Fisher needed to speak with Irving Lambert immediately. Fisher learned that the NSA lost contact with agents Alice Madison and William Blaustein and they needed him to bring them back. (Splinter Cell (Game)

October 7th, 2004:

  • CIA's Special Agent William Robert Blaustein arrived in T'Bilisi to begin investigation of Alice Madison's mysterious disappearance. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 7th, 2004 (06:01-06:44 hours):

  • Newly appointed NSA agent Sam Fisher enters the CIA Training Farm in Camp Perry, Virginia to train for his upcoming missions. As a new agent, the NSA needed to test Fisher to see if he was still possessed the skills to "undertake dangerous and covert solo missions." (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 7th, 2004 (07:29 hours)

  • Sam Fisher completes the training course assigned to him by the NSA and it had been decided that he was the right man to spearhead the NSA's Third Echelon initiative. He officially becomes a member of the NSA. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 8th, 2004:

  • Thomas G. Gergenidze's weekly transmission to the CIA reported negative on the condition of the CIA Agent Alice Madison. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 8th, 2004':

October 10th, 2004:

  • Reports came in that William Blaustein received harassment from the local police in T'Bilisi, Georgia and he faced near-incarceration. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • Reports came in that there was a possible security breach at William Blaustein's main base of operations. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 11th, 2004 (10:34 hours):

  • Officer Beso Cheishvili sent Officer Givi Kavsadze an email letting him know that because he was new at the police station he should learn a few things. One of which was that he shouldn't question Sergeant Lortkipanidze if Kavsadze would like to keep both his job and his life. The email was ended with an invitation for a drink after work by Cheishvili. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 11th, 2004:

October 12th, 2004 (09:13 hours)

  • Dr. Slava Konipodze sent Sergeant Ramaz Lartikipanidze an email regarding a camera that the sergeant had placed inside the morgue of the T'Bilisi police station. He was concerned that the camera could have been placed somewhere more beneficial to them because a week before he had placed a toe tag on a man who's skull had been caved in by an object that seemed similar to the batons that were issued to all the police officers in the station. He suggested that if there had been camera's they could have found out who in fact had been responsible for destroying the evidence in that case. (Splinter. Cell (Game))

October 12th, 2004:

October 12th, 2004:

October 13th, 2004:

  • President Kombayn Nikoladze sent both Phillip Masse and Vyacheslav Grinko an email complementing them on how well and efficiently the have worked to uncover and solve their "CIA situation". He also stated that he would not have been sure how the outcome would have turned out if he had not had his "little birdie" in Langley, suggesting that he has a mole at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Nikoladze is now convinced that he then should continue working on their Azeri Operation because the disappearance of the two agents would "raise eyebrows". He believed that their potential oil relationship with the U.S. would stop them from interfering but only if the scale is already too far tilted in their favor. He warned both men to begin preliminary steps for initial countermeasures just in case the U.S. did decide to step into the situation and he warned them to keep their "glass dagger" sharp. At the end of the email he left plans for the three to meet on Saturday, October 16th, 2004 at 4:30. Nikoladze arranged for a helicopter to pick up Masse at the oil rig. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 14th, 2004 (05:32 hours):

  • William Blaustein sent an email to Johnathan Sutton informing him that it was time to come to the truth that special Agent Alice Madison may possibly be dead and that they were wondering why President Nikoladze could think that he could hide the fact from the two of them. It also stated that Johnathan had a theory that William was believing to be true regarding her disappearance as a way to keep secret the connections between Georgian politics and the Russian Mafia. But William didn't believe it would justify killing a U.S. agent. At the time William sent the email he believed he was being followed and suggested that they began swapping digital signatures more often, up to around twice a week. The email also included a keypad code for the back door that was to be sent to Thomas Gergenidze. The email was ended a a "happy birthday" to Kaye and a wish for William himself to be back in VA for the next birthday. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 15th, 2004 (04:36 hours):

  • Sergent Ramaz Lartkipanidze sent Officer Gizo Giorgobiani an email stating that the sergeant needed him to stop by and pick up the concierge at the Hotel Begurebi for questioning. Giorgobiani was to make up any charges that he saw fit, just as long as it was something the concierge wouldn't talk about. Once the officer got the concierge back to the police station he was to force him to resist arrest and break "something painful". The Sergeant stated that this was a favor for a "very influential friend" and that if he did it well they would both a little richer for it. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 15th, 2004 (08:03 hours):

October 15th, 2004 (10:12 hours):

  • Vyacheslav Grinko sent President Kombayn Nikoladze an email stating that their "glass dagger" would be shattered as intended if they happened to be attacked. He stated that their army would break into small units and would become both sharper and further scattered. Grinko sent contacts to scout areas of operations for their broken down army to occupy. It turns out that they will have a "free hand" in much of Russia, the orient, and possibly even the U.S.. He doesn't however believe that measures will resort to this because everything had been to well planned out. Grinko states that his only issue is how much trust Nikoladze is putting into Masse due to the fact that his is such an obvious coward. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 15th, 2004 (11:46 hours):

  • Phillip Masse sent Vyacheslav Grinko an email stating that he could not believe that Grinko has never heard of anything referred to as "The Ark". In the email Masse makes several comments suggesting that he thinks Grinko does in fact know something about the subject and if he does he should tell him as soon as possible so that he may protect President Nikoladze. (Splinter Cell (Game)

October 15th, 2004 (12:14 hours):

  • Phillip Masse sent Tristan Gogoberidze an email complaining how much of a pain it was to leave his work for a half of a week due to a secret meeting with Nick and how it was an insult to have to deal with the "moron" concierge at the hotel they put him in. He ended the email stating how he needed to get back to work because he was boredom and signed the email; pHilip MAsSE. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 15th, 2004 (12:22 hours):

  • David Tanahill sent an email to William Robert Blaustein with the subject "drop dead". The email was regarding an envelope that Tom Gurgenidze received and that he would leave in the the "dead drop" behind the bushes in Morevi Square. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 15th, 2004 (14:32 hours):

October 15th, 2004 (18:27 hours):

  • Sam Fisher enters the Andrews Airforce Base in Maryland, USA where he stops Verne Wilkes Jr. from smoking a cigarette and meets Third Echelon's lead programmer Anna Grimsdóttír for the first time. After attaching an underbarrel his SC-20k into the weapon holding slot of the aircraft they take off for Georgia. (Splinter Cell (Game)

October 25th, 2004 (23:53 hours):

  • Officer Beso Cheishvili sent an email to Sergeant Ramaz Lartkipanidze stating that about two and three-quarters men remained in critical condition. There was an attacked officer that was taking questions from some of the doctors and he stated that attackers fit the description of the Sergeants friend Grinko and an "ogre" named Nikolai. He suggested that the Sergeant make a call over to the Eastern Precinct if he wished his friends from drawing any more attention. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 16th, 2004 (17:56 hours):

  • Captain Kakhi Berikashvili sent Officer Beso Cheishvili an email stating that they would be heading crowd control teams at the political rally in Morevi Square the following Friday. He said that President Nikoladze was planning on making some remarks that they already knew the crowd would not be pleased with, but that Chkhilkvadze should not, "be so free and easy with the teargas." They did in fact want the people to become angry but would like to keep the violent measures to police issued batons only. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 16th, 2004 (6:03pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reports on FNW (First News Wire) of the Georgian situation and how they have been continuing to ship weapons as one of their primary fund sources. He stated that Georgia has resurfaced as a potential player in the military industry and that they now seem to have contacts with Russia, the Middle East and more. A political analyst was also interviewed and she President Nikoladze's political standings represent that of someone in the early 21st century however she believes that he has been doing "wonders" for the Georgian economy. His acts have shown growth for Georgia over time, however, she stated that it's also a question of ethics. When asked what she thought of his ethics she stated, "well...". (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 16th, 2004 (19:49 hours):

  • Upon entering into Turkish airspace Sam Fisher learns that Alice Madison became a mole attached Georgian President Nikoladze's political cabinet for two years. He also learned that William Blaustein was a outfitted with subdermals almost like Fisher's which would give Fisher a chance at finding the missing agents. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 16th, 2004 (20:01-20:28-21:02 hours):

  • Sam Fisher arrives in T'Bilisi Old Town, T'Bilisi, Georgia. His mission was to locate CIA agents Blaustein and Madison. He begins entering a burning building and attempts to make his way to the local police station. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • After 20:01 hours, Anna Grimsdóttír sends Sam Fisher a group of case files. These case files includes ones on; Thomas G. Gergenidze, William Robert Blaustein, Alice McCarthy Madison, and Vyacheslav Grinko. She also sent Fisher a Tbilisi map, a map of the Defense Ministry, and a picture of Grinko for him to use during his upcoming missions. (Splinter Cell (Game)

October 16th, 2004 (21:29-22:06 hours)

October 16th, 2004 (22:29 hours):

  • Sam Fisher leaves the police station in T'Bilisi, Georgia after completing all of his objectives and finding out what had in fact happened to the two missing CIA agents. Information came up that the subdermal tracking chips taken from the agents bodies had been taken to the Georgian Ministry of Defense by a man named Vyacheslav Grinko. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 16th, 2004 (23:01 hours):

October 16th, 2004 (23:01-23:41 hours):

October 17th, 2004 (00:14 hours):

October 17th, 2004 (00:51 hours):

October 17th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reports on FNW (First News Wire) that Georgian special forces took a hold of villages scattered throughout all of Azerbaijan. Nikoladze was able to move thousands troops over the border over a matter of weeks and hid them from both the local and international authorities. The camera showed images of a grave pit filled with dead Azerbaijan troops located in Vevlaz, Azerbaijan. President David Bowers spoke at a conference meeting held at the White House and stated that the United States couldn't just stand by and do nothing while Nikoladze reeks havoc over seas. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 20th, 2004:

October 23rd, 2004 (6:23pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reports on FNW (First News Wire) that after three days of fighting, NATO lead American troops were able to take three more Azerbaijan villages back from the Georgian Special Forces. The camera focused on a few American soldiers holding Georgian forces at gun point in KapaBakh, Azerbaijan. Odell stated that the American troops only met minimal resistance and "slight" casualties, however, it was becoming harder to locate the other groups of Georgian troops due to military intelligence. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 24th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

October 25th, 2004 (Unknown Hours):

  • Doug Shetland and Displace International spearheaded Operation RIVER DOG in Akhalts'ikhe, Georgia. The was not a single American casualty, however, there were six Georgian casualties. During this event both the Georgian airfield and elven aircraft had been captured.

October 25th, 2004 (09:56 hours):

  • David Tanahill sent Jonathan Sutton an email apologizing for how long it took him to respond to his email titled "Respond and Destroy 2". Tanahill had been having some digital signature trouble that may have been unavoidable with the step-up encryption protocols. He also stated that he was almost sure that Thomas Gergenidze had been in the warehouse fire, but he also wouldn't be surprised if they never ended up seeing his corpse return. He also thought there was a chance Gergenidze had only been one of the six "nameless drunks" that had been arrested that night, due to the fact that only four had been released the next morning. He suspected that the other two "nameless drunks" burned up in the warehouse fire. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 26th, 2004 (01:34 hours):

  • Francis Akatov sent Aleksander Vasilyev an email that it was unreal to believe the news reports that war was coming their way, especially being that he was living there. He told him that it was unlike what Vailyev had told him of news in the U.S., which he thought to be "under the thumb of the government". He was sure that the American news was determined to call every American death in Georgia the result of friendly fire. Although he wasn't able to understand it, he was ready to begin what was coming. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • Amiran Urushadze sent Vyacheslav Grinko an email stating that the second leg of travel for both of his platoons were secure. He informed Grinko that he and his men should arriving on the sight around ten hours ahead of schedule. Moral and not only been high, but they had already been suiting up for winter operations and they had a few tech people scouring for microwave relays, whom came up with many options. From there on out, communications should not pose an issue. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 26th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reports on FNW (First News Wire) that a two-minute webcast from an unknown location surfaced of President Nikoladze calling America and it's allies an "army of scarecrows". Nikoladze stated that both were helpless to protect themselves and their homelands. Nikoladze was making a threat against the country's but what he was threatening to do was still unknown. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 26th, 2004 (23:35 hours):

  • Phillip Masse sent a Kalinatek administrator a forwarded email that he had received ten minutes prior from and ISP address from the Kalinatek Building. He didn't think they needed to worry about the FBI yet, but wasn't sure what to do in order to keep the cover of an internet startup. The email had the subject of "Server Irregularities" and talked about the Russian mafia wanting to go to a clerks home and slit his throat. The email had been signed "Sven" even though it was listed as being sent by Masse. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 26th, 2004 (22:49 hours):

  • Piotr Lejava sent Phillip Masse an email regarding an email that Masse had previously sent him with the subject "THEN GET ANOTHER JOB". In the email he assured Masse that he was willing to try "tapping little bird" for Ark intelligence, but that he wasn't sure that he'd get anywhere without the key. Even though Piotr would try his best to get what he could, he thought that Nikoladze would still need men inside the Presidential Palace even though it would be nearly impossible due to the current state of affairs. He ended the email with a reassurance that whatever there was to get regarding that matter on the oil rig, he would. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 27th, 2004:

  • Anna Grimsdóttír uploaded Sam Fisher a data stick that contained a radio message between a USAF SR-71 pilot and a AWACS control aircraft over the Caspian Sea. The message wasn't too long but it basically talked about how there was an automatic blast door located on the "data hub" and the only entrance may be a window that lead into the hub. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 27th, 2004 (03:18 hours): Sergo Shengelaya sent Guram Tkeshelashvili an email asking him if he was at his "semi-permanent" posting yet and he stated that his platoon only got off a bus two hours before, but he had already met with another platoon in Belarus that had been sent via cargo ship. He told Tkeshelashvili that they were being sent east but were not told where for some reason, however, he'd send him another email as soon as he got to where it was they were sending him. Before ending the email he mentioned that the military had changed so much since they had joined and that they had been acting more like business men than soldiers. He also stated that Colonel Alekseevich explained to them that they could win the war by allowing America to "surrender aggressively", but he wasn't sure what he meant by the statement. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 27th, 2004 (09:00 hours):

October 27th, 2004 (09:38-09:47-10:03 hours):

  • Information came in that due to the U.S. and NATO's intervention most of the Georgian commandos were removed from Azerbaijan (a few well-hidden cells had remained however). One of the remaining cells took over an oil rig located in the Caspian Sea, they had also been exchanging data with the Presidential Palace in Georgia over a secure network.
  • Sam Fisher entered the GFO oil rig to retrieve Georgian communication data that could prove useful to the NSA. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 27th, 2004 (10:21 hours):

  • Information came in that the communications data that Sam Fisher had taken from Piotr Lejava on the GFO oil rig turned out to be full of vague hints concerning an impending retaliation against the U.S.. The data also showed evidence that there had been a leak in the U.S. intelligence community and that there was most likely a mole inside one of America's agencies. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 28th, 2004 (10:28 hours):

  • Konstantin sent Averiy an email stating that Konstantin didn't feel that they were being cautious enough while monitoring Mitchell Dougherty's PC. Konstantin was sure that Dougherty was bound to catch on to the fact that they were monitoring his computer. Konstantin thought that it would be a better idea to monitor a bundle of files at a time then to keep a constant stream of data over their tap. Konstantin had made this clear in the past but wished for the feelings to be on record. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 28th, 2004 (12:16 hours):

  • Konstantin sent Averiy an email exactly like the one that was sent on October 28th, 2004 at 10:28 hours.

October 28th, 2004 (12:43 hours)':

  • Steve Kerchner sent Gail Tauger an email regarding an automated turret that was retrieved on a westbound road leading out of T'Bilisi two days prior to the email. The identity of the the drivers had still however been undetermined. It turned out that Gail had been right that the turret what sensitive to both heat and motion. The CIA had placed the turret in the CIA headquarters to test it, however they were not able to find out much about it. They did however know that there was a very effective IFF recognition system inside the turret. Anyone that was not programmed as a "friendly" would fired upon if in range. Steve found out that disabling the IFF system just made it fire at anyone it came across. Steve also stated that a week prior, he wouldn't have ever believed that a weapon as advanced as this turret would be found anywhere in the area. It made him realize that "it was a dangerous time to underestimating their enemies". (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 28th, 2004 (20:43 hours):

  • Timofei sent Valeriy an email regarding the Ark. It stated that Valeriy had gone over all the files that had been taken from Mitchell Dougherty's PC and that they couldn't find any mention of an Ark, even though they had suggested that it would be a high on the CIA's list of threats to national security. The email stated that they would continue to search the data, but that attempting to insert another "peep hole" wouldn't be the best idea and that they wouldn't have another opportunity as advantageous as Dougherty. The email was sent from Timofei to Valeriy, however it was addressed to Grinko and signed by Averiy. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 30th, 2004 (10:12 hours):

  • Daniel Kanemoto sent Alphonso Stevenson an email regarding the tech services keypad installation in the CIA headquarters building. He insured Stevenson that he'd get the keypad installed on the Technical Services room door for the end of the day. He told Stevenson that the code for the door would be 7687 but it should be changed on eight hours shifts until the level alert was reduced. He ended the email with an invitation to go get a drink if they actually got a day off during the week, because he was going to need one after everything that had been happening. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 30th, 2004 (17:11 hours):

  • While on board an aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean, Sam Fisher was informed by Anna Grimsdóttír that the information Fisher had retrieved on his previous mission on the GFO oil rig surely proved that there had been a mole in the CIA while. Fisher had found out this information while waiting on Verne Wilkes Jr. to encrypt a phone call that was being made to his daughter Sarah. After informing Sarah that he wasn't able to tell her where he was, Fisher heard Sarah gasp over the phone. Shortly after the aircraft's system began to crash almost sending them directly into the ocean. The two pilots flying the aircraft stated over the speakers that they had a faulty collision wire and that they had never seen anything like it. Irving Lambert then messaged in via video phone informing Fisher, Wilkes, Grimsdóttír that Nikoladze had declared war against the United States and that he had struck their communications, transportations and power grids. Fisher demanded to see his daughter but Lambert told him that he needed to go to CIA headquarters because his mission had just became critical. That was when Wilkes pulled out a briefcase full of different identification cards, one of which was for the CIA. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 30th, 2004 (6:42pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reports on FNW (First News Wire) that failure at the Red Bear Army Community Hospital in Mississippi resulted in seventeen deaths and over thirty injuries. All of this had been due to all of the country generators being destroyed. In Odento, Maryland a military train that was traveling to Norfuck, Virginia (SPELLING?) collided with a computer rail line after it's automatic ruling system failed. What was inside the military train had been unknown, however authorities did evacuate a twenty mile radius of the train. A death toll had been received by FNW and it showed that over forty enlisted men had died throughout the United States, the initial toll had also shown that potential civilian casualties had been suggested to be much lower. A five star general appeared at a press conference and stated that no matter what you wish to call the information attacks, no American would be safe until they mobilized the Army. Later they reported that with the systems down due to the information warfare attacks, help couldn't arrive at the train crash for up to an hour and injuries had began to make their way to fatalities. Odell then brought up Nikoladze who currently only had military targets, however a large scale civilian target could be soon to come. President Bowers appeared at a press conference held at the White House to help calm the American citizens. He stated that America has triumphed over great threats in the past and that they would do so once again. He also stated that earth was too small a place for the people who committed the acts against the United States and that she and her allies would bring justice. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 30th, 2004 (23:12 hours):

  • Hilko Blok sent Kris Weldin an email regarding the storage room keypad installation. He wanted to let Weldin know that he'd be installing the keypad before the end of the day, but he also wanted to let him know that it would be right outside of his window and that he should let him know if he is bugging him. He told Weldin that the code for the door would be 2977 but that it should be changed on eight hours shifts until the level of alert was reduced. He finished the email with an invitation for a drink if they happened to get a day off during the week, because he'd need one after everything that had been happening. (NOTE: This is the same format used for a previous email sent by Daniel Kanemoto on October 30th, 2004 at 10:12 hours...both emails were also signed "Dan"). (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004:

October 31st, 2004 (15:59 hours):

  • Reed Allen sent Bruce Flexner and email stating that as per upgraded security measures, the door codes with continue to be changed on eight-hour shifts. He told him that the current code for the door is 0614 and that it would change again at 23:59 hours. He demanded that he memorize the current code and delete the email and that transferring it to paper or FlashRAM would "represent a gross lapse in Agency security". (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (17:18 hours):

  • Valeriy sent Arkasha an reply email regarding Arkasha's fear of the metal detectors in the Kalinatek Building giving people who pass threw them cancer. Valeriy also informed Arkasha that the keypad code for the day was 97531, and asked Arkasha to destroy the email after memorizing it. The email was sent from Valeriy to Arkasha, however, it was addressed to Timofrey and signed by Edik. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (6:16pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reported on FNW (First News Wire) that Nikoladze had appeared on the internet at 3:00 am that day with another webcast. In the webcast Nikoladze stated that until America and her allies remove their troops, the war would continue and take the lives of their aggressors. Odell also reported that while tensions had remained high, the american troops in Georgia and Azerbaijan had gone five days without combat and intelligence had still been unable to locate any more of Nikoladze's troops. He also stated that the troops had been moving from Georgia into other countries searching for Nikoladze, including Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Armenia. In a press conference a five star general made note that another air strike just wouldn't work. Odell summed it up with a report that the American soldiers were just waiting for Nikoladze's next move. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (18:17 hours):

  • Marla Tergovich sent Leslie Tergovich an email asking her mother what time she'd be home for dinner. Marla wasn't sure if she should wait to eat because what she had been seeing on television had been scaring her. She made it clear that she would rather not be alone in the house that night, and she wanted to know if her mom would even be home. She signed the email "Les" (This may have been an error due to the fact that Les is short for Leslie, the person receiving the email). (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (6:22pm):

  • Edik sent Denis an email stating that they had to make a last-minute change of the keypad code for the back door on the third floor. Edik told Denis that the new door code was 1250. The email was sent from Edik but signed "Valera". (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (19:36 hours):

  • Hilko Blok sent Kris Weldin an email inviting him to a coffee break in the cafeteria since he'd be in the battery room right next door. He told Weldin that the code to the door was 110598 in case he was unable to hear him knocking on the door due to a "hum" in the battery room. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (20:04 hours):

  • Reed Allen sent Thomas Kyle an email regarding the server room code change. He thanked Tom for staying on an extra shift because they all were going to have to do a little extra work until "things blew over". He told Tom that while doing maintenance the main server room door would be set to 2019 and that with the heightened security they would be changing the door codes three times a day. He told Tom he'd get him on the mailing list before the next door code change. (Splinter Cell (Game))

October 31st, 2004 (22:03-22:50-23:28 hours):


November 1st, 2004 (00:14 hours):

November 1st, 2004 (00:48 hours):

  • Valeriy sent Slava an email with the subject "run run run". It stated that the Russian mercenaries that were hired had been killing everyone. They had also cut the phone lines. Valeriy told Slava not to trust anyone, including Nikoladze, Masse or Grinko. The email ended with, "jesus god i dont want to die" and "THEYRE KILLING US ALL". The email had a "ERROR" next to the sent date and time. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 1st, 2004 (00:59 hours):

November 1st, 2004 (After 00:59 hours):

  • Anna Grimsdóttír uploaded Sam Fisher and phone transcript of a conversation that took place between her and an unidentified Georgian mercenary who had been known as "Ivan". The phone call was a plea for help in exchange for information Ivan could give the United States government. Anna had also sent Fisher a map of the Kalinatek Building for him to use while searching for Ivan. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 1st, 2004 (01:24-01:33-01:44-01:56-02:02-02:07 hours):

November 1st, 2004 (02:11 hours):

November 3rd, 2004 (08:38 hours):

  • Sam Fisher was flying over the White Sea in Russian air space while reading information on U.S. soldiers. While looking up some info Verne Wilkes Jr. was attempting to reach Fisher's daughter Sarah on the phone, with no luck. Fisher was then informed by Irving Lambert via video phone that for the next couple of missions he would be "signal hunting". Lambert didn't have much to say but let Fisher know that he would come back with more information once Fisher landed at the Nuclear Power Plant. Wilkes was unable to reach Sarah but let Fisher leave a message. The message was brief but to the point, Fisher just wanted to know that Sarah was alright and that she could leave a message at his office. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 3rd, 2004 (6:41pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reported on FNW (First News Wire) that moments before a webcast had surfaced of American soldiers that had been captured. He also had shown a clip of President David Bowers personally thanking FBI agents for their work in the Kalinatek Building on Halloween night. The agents had apprehended three Georgian mercenaries, which turned out to be current members of the Russian secret service. American sources had begun searching Russia for Nikoladze with the aid of their satellites, the Russian Kremlin had also denied any involvement during a press conference in the Kremlin Press Room in Moscow. During NATO's search for Nikoladze in Russia, it turned out that they received only minimal resistance. Odell stated both that Russian relations still remained open, and that the Georgian Information Crisis was now being referred to as a "high tech Vietnam". In a press conference at the White House, a five star general appeared questioning the Kremlin's truth and wondering exactly what it was that he was trying to hide. A source of Odell's made it clear that in order to keep hostility down, Russia would have to become more involved in NATO's mission. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 6th, 2004 (02:54 hours):

  • Ivan Daushvili sent Phillip Masse an email letting him know that he had been up all night and that he thought he had finally isolated the pressure management systems for the St. John Dam. He was sure that they would be able to launch the "logic bomb" in a matter of hours. He also told Masse that he would let him know when they were at "go". (Splinter Cell)

November 6th, 2004 (07:00 hours):

  • Viktor Gajtan sent Vladimir Terestsenko an email thanking him for for covering him at work. He said that he would have done the work himself but he had arm wrestled Nikolai last night and that the "crazy red" had broke his hand in the process. Viktor let Vladimir know that the door code was 151822. The email was sent by Viktor Gajtan, however it was signed "m", there is no "m" in his name. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 6th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

November 6th, 2004 (19:50-20:22-20:38-21:09 hours):

  • Sam Fisher was sent into the Nadezhda Nuclear Plant in the Kola Peninsula to trace the microwave relay that Nikoladze had used to communicate with Georgian terrorist cells. Background electronic noise within the plant made it impossible to track exactly where the communications had been coming from. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • Anna Grimsdóttír sent Sam Fisher a fragment of a message recovered from enemy data that had been sent from Nadezhda Nuclear Plant's management to their employees regarding Russian Military that would be there for an unknown amount of time. The message was mainly just asking the employees to bare with the situation as Moscow as for their cooperation, and they were planning on doing so. They had also been asked not to tell anyone that the soldiers were there, even though it wasn't considered "top secret". The message was signed "Plant Direction". (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • After 20:38 hours, Anna Grimsdóttír sent Sam Fisher summary of the weapons that could be created by Americium 239. It stated that Americium was a man-made element that could be used in the construction of nuclear devices. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 6th, 2004 (21:34 hours):

November 7th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

November 8th, 2004 (01:39 hours):

  • Colonel Xleochun Toa sent both General Kong Feirong and Colonel Wu Tse an email letting them know that he looked into Nikoladze and that his losses were as bad as they had feared. It turns out that Nikoladze made it seem like the Georgian information offensive was more decentralized than it actually had been. Toa also stated that "the second most important of the hydra's heads had been severed". Toa let the other's know that rumors had been going around the Phillip Masse had even been killed, and that other rumors of a troop of American commandos between ten and eighty "played hell" with Georgian's men on the Kola Peninsula. He also mentioned that in his opinion the Georgian Information Crisis had been over. Even though Tao thought the battle had been over, he still thought that between Nikoladze's Ark and their motives, that they would still be able to "shake the globe". (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 8th, 2004 (04:28 hours):

  • David Sakandelidze sent Levan Vonogradova an email letting Levan know that the Chinese ambassadors that were being held hostage kept talking with one another in Chinese. While he wasn't surprised, he was worried that they had been planning something because nobody in the area understood Chinese. David said that Grinko tried to force Long Dan to translate, but nothing worked out for them, Grinko even did some things that David said he wouldn't soon forget. David also asked if he could borrow one of General Feirong's troops to overlook the ambassadors and translate if the need arise. (May have happened on November 11th, 2004) (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 8th, 2004 (15:12 hours):

November 8th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

November 8th, 2004 (23:11 hours):

November 8th, 2004 (23:38 hours):

  • Ji Zhao sent Niu Wang an email telling him to head over to the restaurant on the edge of the Embassy called Spicy Sticks, and that the food was the best Chinese food Ji had ever eaten. Ji's colonel had even told him that they used to serve dignitaries and ambassadors in the Embassy. Ji even stated that they served a dish called "dragon fish" to impress foreign dignitaries. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 9th, 2004 (14:21 hours):

  • Colonel Nonong Cheung sent Zhongxi Sun an email stating that they had worked it out with the local police in Mayanmar so they wouldn't be bothered with they're nightly patrols due to the local curfew. Even though they would be able to stay out, they were being expected to uphold the city curfew on the civilians, and no one was allowed within "shouting distance" of the Embassy. He also stated that "all law was material". (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 9th, 2004 (17:08 hours):

  • Niu Wang sent Ji Zhao a reply email thanking Ji for recommending the Spicy Sticks restaurant, it also stated that it wouldn't be the last of Niu's "Spicy Stick experience". According to the email, the comrades that ate at the restaurant also had a good time there, as well as good food. Niu had spilled a jar of the fish sauce on his pants which happened to drive the dogs in the area crazy, causing the near by guards to come running to him, thinking he was an intruder. He even had to jump into a stream just to get the smell off of him. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 9th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reported on FNW (First News Wire) that two days had passed by without any word on the well being of the captured American troops. He also stated that the six soldiers family's would be granted an audience with the Vice President of the United States. Odell also reported that relations with China had also previously been in strain due to disarmament negotiations that hadn't gone well (The negotiations report clip was placed after the 9th had already begun, however, it was labeled as occurring on the 8th, even though the 8th had already past). (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 9th, 2004 (20:12 hours):

  • Someone sent To-Hoi Kwan an email, however, due to the pulse-wiping that the soldiers at the Chinese Embassy had done, the email is mostly unreadable. Bits and pieces could however be read; "...loaded onto the trucks and ready to roll out at as little as a half-hour's notice. We're going to need a lot of fuel, not just for the trip but..." and "...Pong will be in charge of...". (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 10th, 2004 (04:23 hours):

  • Guram Begalishvili sent Amiran Pirtskhal an response email about how Pirtskhal's Burmese was in fact coming along really well. Begalishvili told Pirtskhal that he knew there had been "no glory in guarding men who've already been beaten into submission", but he told him just to be glad that he wasn't one of Feirong's fishmongers. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 10th, 2004 (14:03 hours):

November 10th, 2004 (22:34 hours):

  • Someone had sent Vyacheslav Grinko an email, however, due to the pulse-wiping the soldiers in the Chinese Embassy had done, the message was mostly unreadable. Bits and pieces could however be read; "...demolitions munitions, though I don't know how man..." and "...his own device from materials recovered from our..." were the only pieces that could be read. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 10th, 2004 (23:13 hours):

  • Vyacheslav Grinko sent Colonel Levan Vonogradova an email telling the colonel that if his men needed to harm the American hostages in any way, that he should make them stick with only body hits due to the fact that they were only twenty-four hours away from being on the live webcast. Grinko said that they need the soldiers to be "pretty" for their appearance. He said that the American's deaths would be watched and re-watched for decades and that it shouldn't seem that their deaths were at least a way to end there suffering. "Bloodied and bruised faces do not very well show fear", he also stated that any more damage to their faces wouldn't be tolerated. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (09:58 hours):

  • Bo Liu sent Guifa Li an email complaining about how two days prior to the email he had to wait outside of the General's office in case Grinko showed up early. He was upset and said that he could be "protecting perverts from psychos" back home. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (12:42 hours):

  • The captured American soldiers were video taped hanging by their hands in what seemed to be a slaughterhouse. The men were being guarded by several troops caring weapons. (The listed date may have been a production error and occurred on November 12th, 2004) (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (14:34 hours):

  • Givi Olbrychski sent both David Tanahill and Varlam Cristavi an email regarding the fifth intelligence report from President Cristavi's office. Notes that Olbrychski sent with the email let Tanahill know that Nikoladze would be on Georgian soil, possibly within T'Bilisi, between November 17th, and November 18th. Nikoladze would be funding his escape with heroin money that the corrupt precinct's of T'Bilisi had earned him, especially precinct 4 and 12. Olbrychski also stated that both he and Cristavi thought that the Ark may just have been a rumor. (The fact that the email was sent to Varlam Cristavi as well may be a production error) (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (6:19pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reported on FNW (First News Wire) that evidence has rose of China producing nuclear weapons even though it was a blatant violation of international treaty. China had denied all charges during a press conference in the Conference Room of the Chinese Embassy. The U.S. had attempted to work on the relations with China, however, due to the unsuccessful talks, America had begun to ready troops for a possible mission into China. Nikoladze appeared in yet another webcast complaining that America did not rule the world and the American soldiers were just as guilty as their country. He said that at five-thirty, Grinwhich (SPELLING?) Standard Time, that the American soldiers would be killed during a live webcast. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (6:19pm ET) (X2):

  • Morris Odell reported on FNW (First News Wire) that since the mysterious release of the American hostages, no information of the captured soldiers had shown up. They showed a video of the men hanging by their hands that took place at 12:42 hours ET. While the Chinese and American relations still suffer, information surfaced that there had been a chance that the Georgians had falsified news reports to make matters worse. Odell stated that no information had been released whether or not China had anything to do with the capture of the American soldiers, who's status had still be unknown. Without any advancement in knowledge, a possible World War III was a possibility. (The listed date may have been a production error and occured on November 12th, 2004) (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (20:13-20:50-21:22-21:56 hours):

November 11th, 2004 (22:35 hours):

November 11th, 2004 (22:52-23:15-23:37 hours):

November 11th, 2004 (23:08 hours):

  • Jacky Talbo sent Colonel Nonong Cheung a response email to a request the colonel had made about wiping out all the emails around the Chinese Embassy. Talbo had obeyed the request and sent two other squads of men around the Embassy to pulse-wipe all solid state memory. They should have completed their goal in a half an hour from the time the email had been sent. He did however say that there might be some information on a couple sticks floating around, but nothing that should be worried about. (This events listed date may be a production error) (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 11th, 2004 (23:57 hours):

November 12th, 2004 (00:11-00:47-01:20-01:51 hours)':

  • Sam Fisher was sent into the Chinese Embassy once again to attempt to discover President Nikoladze's secret and to find proof that General Feirong had been acting without consent of China. (This event was listed as taking place on November 11th, 2004 at 00:11 hours, however, this may be a production error due to the fact that later the loading screens read November 12th, 2004) (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • After 00:11 hours, General Feirong fled to the Chinese Embassy with a "near-complete" nuclear device. (This even was listed as taking place on November 11th, 2004 at 00:11 hours, however, this may be a production error due to the fact that later the loading screens read November 12th, 2004) (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • At 00:47 hours, Kuo Sang Chen sent Som-Ok Vongsamang an email letting Vongsamang know that they had been abandoned by Nikoladze and that they were being forced to pull out. Chen said that they were know going on the attack and that they could make it passed Thailand easily, but that Laos would be harder. Colonel To-Hoi had already begun planning passage points at the borders but was looking for contact inside the Laotian military. Chen figured that Vongsamang would be the right person to talk to a requested Vongsamang to give him a call as soon as possible. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • Shortly 01:51 hours, Sam Fisher blew up two trucks at the Chinese Embassy that were shipping the pieces of a nuclear weapon. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 12th, 2004 (02:24 hours):

November 12th, 2004 (05:59 hours):

  • While flying over Russian air space, Sam Fisher was getting prepped by Francis Coen when Irving Lambert came in over the video phone and informed Fisher that Nikoladze was looking for the Ark within the Georgian Presidential Palace, and that the current president of Georgia was going to let him take it. Fisher also found out that the current president of Georgia was even pushed into office by the CIA. Before parachuting out of the aircraft, Fisher was able to get a hold of his daughter. Sarah wanted to know if her father would be coming home because she had heard on the news that Nikoladze had been defeated. Before she got her hopes up to much Fisher told her that it wasn't that simple, but he would be coming home soon. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 12th, 2004 (09:28 hours):

  • Keti Badridze sent Lado Vonogradova an email letting him know that Cristavi was in fact letting Nikoladze return to the Georgian Presidential Palace but that they were keeping it quiet. Nikoladze would be showing up shortly after midnight, and in return, Nikoladze would be giving Cristavi a large amount of money and "near-priceless" oil drilling data from the Caspian Sea. All Nikoladze was to retrieve the Ark from the palace unmolested. Keti heard that Nikoladze called the Ark a "dirty bomb", but Cristavi learned otherwise. Keti didn't think that Cristavi would let Nikoladze walk out of the palace alive and thought that Lado should keep his head low around midnight. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 12th, 2004 (6:12pm ET):

November 12th, 2004 (18:43 hours):

  • Lado Vonogradova sent Aleqsandre Mkheidze an email letting Mkheidze know that he had just got the final "go" for their operation that night. They were to let both Nikoladze and his men gain access to all areas of the Georgian Presidential Palace, but only until they received the radio signal. Up to that point, all of Nikoladze's guards who were willing should have been disarmed, and the ones who weren't, should have been killed. Their goal was to take Nikoladze alive. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 12th, 2004 (21:01 hours):

  • Vasiko Khojava sent Rezo Saradjishvili an email telling Rez that once they got the "go-code" they would need to move fast if they wanted to get the jump on Nikoladze's men. Vasiko was making sure that Rez had his back when everything took place. He let Rez know that there was a shortcut through the corridor and that the door leading to it's keypad code was 70021, Vasiko was excited and ready for what he thought would be a good fight. (Splinter Cell (Game))

November 12th, 2004 (21:47 hours):

November 13th, 2004 (00:04-00:25-01:06 hours):

November 19th, 2004 (6:51pm ET):

  • Morris Odell reported on FNW (First News Wire) that an eight story apartment building and the four blocks that surrounded it had been evacuated by the National Guard. Authorities said that the cause was due to a gas leak and stressed the fact that it had nothing to do with Nikoladze or the Georgian Information Crisis. He also reported about how five days prior palace guards had shot and killed Nikoladze, and that his body has now been obtained and identified. FNW showed a clip of Nikoladze's body being carried out on a stretcher while the surrounding crowd boo'd the corpse as it entered an ambulance. (Splinter Cell (Game))
  • Sam Fisher sat with his daughter Sarah Burns on their boat while watching President David Bowers make a speech to the American people. Bowers stated that America had been injured but knew nothing in the world that she couldn't overcome. President Bowers thanked every man and soldier that stood against all terror and wicked men, and that was when Fisher began to laugh. Sarah asked Fisher what he thought to be so funny but Fisher said nothing. She still couldn't figure it out and said, "you haven't laughed since the Reagen administration". Bowers made it clear that history would not forget the men's resolve that stood up for their country. Shortly after Fisher's secure phone line rang and Fisher stopped Sarah before she could get a chance to answer. Fisher answered the phone and said, "Hello Lambert". (Splinter Cell (Game))



November 1st, 2005:

November 2nd, 2005:



Unknown Date: Irving Lambert briefs Sam Fisher on the fact that an unknown male appears to be holding Douglas Shetland hostage in East Timor. Before finding out that Shetland was at the scene the unknown male had executed someone who appeared to be another hostage. (Pandora Tomorrow)

March 26th, 2006 (05:19 hours):

  • An email message was sent from a person with the alias "mortified_penguin" to a person named Barhwani. The entire email was encoded and 100& unreadable. Later, after getting the message translated, it told the location of a meeting place that would take place at 18 hours and that they were working on gathering all the ingredients for something called the "Springfield Demonstration". It also stated that they may even be able to have American's on guard duty and that someone named Dur should like that fact. After being translated the messages object read "Fresh Corpses barhwani". (Pandora Tomorrow)

March 28th, 2006 (02:03-02:12 hours):

  • Anna Grimsdottir sent Sam Fisher a map of Indonesia, an agency file on East Timor/Indonesia, a case file for Suhadi Sadono, a picture of Sadono, a case file on D.P. Brunton, a picture and case file on Doug Shetland and a picture and case file on Ingrid Ruth Karlthson to use during his upcoming mission. Inside of Brunton's case file Grim noted that sometimes she thinks Irving Lambert wants to "smash him" because he is way too enthusiastic about his job. She also stated that he is "scary smart" and that he might be a "dork trying to apss for a geek". Inside Shetland's case file Grim left a note telling Fisher that she knew Fisher probably knew Shetland more than anyone and that she though they both were competing for the "World's Most Amoral Reluctantly-Aging Badass" title. Grim left a note in Ingrid's case file stating that she seem to be a pretty standard CIA agent who works a desk job, is cool under pressure and is a multilingualism expert. (Pandora Tomorrow)

March 28th, 2006 (18:27-19:52 hours):

  • Sam Fisher enters the U.S. Embassy in Dili, East Timor to infiltrate the Embassy. The U.S. Embassy had been taken over by the Darah Dan DOA to retaliate for the U.S. military placing a base camp in East Timor. (Pandora Tomorrow)
  • Shortly after Fisher's arrival he is reintroduced to D.P. Brunton, the inter-agency consultant working with Third Echelon. Brunton informed Fisher that one of his goals, assigned directly from the Joint Chiefs, was to have no casualties or alarms set off to avoid danger to the hostages. Brunton also expressed the enthusiasm he had towards working with Third Echelon. Fisher did however ask that Brunton leave anything that Lambert can tell him to Lambert, to cut down on the "voices in his head". (Pandora Tomorrow)
  • Fisher's goal later turns to the recovery/destruction of intell that the terrorist group may have. (Pandora Tomorrow)

March 28th, 2006 (19:34 hours):

  • Sam Fisher continues along his mission of infiltrating the U.S. Embassy in Dili, East Timor. Shortly before he found out that his old friend and C.E.O. of a PMC, Douglas Shetland, is in fact trapped inside the Embassy. Shetland contained intell and it was up to Fisher to either recover or destroy any security intelligence. (Pandora Tomorrow)


Ghost Recon Two

Ghost Recon 2 is set in the Korean Peninsula in the year 2007. The settings of the PS2 and GameCube versions (both of which are labeled 2007: First Contact) are linked with Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, particularly the sinking of the fictional intelligence-gathering vessel Clarence E. Walsh. They depict a new Korean War brought about by a renegade Korean People's Army general, Jung Chong-sun, who launches a coup against the North Korean government. The Xbox version is the direct sequel of the two games, in which Jung plots revenge against NATO and South Korea. Ghost Recon 2 also marks the debut of the series' main character, Capt. Scott Mitchell.

Post-Week of USS Clarence E. Walsh disaster - No Survivors (Cutscene/Cinematic)Edit

A five star general enters the room walks infront of presentation and faces the US President. He tells everyone about the USS Clarence E. Walsh, a sophisticated intellegience ship beginning a routine patrol of the sea of Japan last week. At 0815 hrs it was destroyed by a North Korean Super Silver missle, killing all onboard. Advisors around the room are astonished and shocked by the news. The general recommends that the President deploys the 'Ghosts' to find out what happened. The President gives an affirming look. Nine hours later, the weather is clear, the Ghosts are in North Korea lurking in the woods in daylight. The team leader pauses-takes a knee-briefly to scout the possible enemy postion with the M8 rifle scope. Then he does a quick hand guesture to regroup his team around him. His team consist of expert riflemen and specialists.

Mission 1: Tank Ambush (GCN)Edit

July 6th, 2007

1115 hrs Weather: Clear

"Welcome to Korea, where all hell's about to break loose. Our friends in South Korean intelligence have pinpointed a column of powerful T-80 Main Battle Tanks on the move. It's headed straight to than important sector of the DMZ fortifications before they can be fully manned. It is essential to stop that column as far north as we can. That means fight well inside North Korean territory, and since you're the only american outfit authorized to do that, you pull the assignment.

Fortunately, you'll be linking up with an elite south korean unit know as the White Skull Brigade. We'll be following a contingency plan they developed which involves mouting a major ambush in this gorge, about two miles north of the boarder. You first objective is to storm a communications post on the top if this hill to secure the right flank of the ambush. Then make contact with Lt. Yi and his skulls. Work with them to eliminate those enemy detachments if the invaders learn their T-80s can be flamed just as easily as any other tank it will be a severe blow to thier morale."

Mission 2: Broken Wings (GCN)Edit

July 7, 2007

0700 hrs Weather: Stormy

"That was good work yesterday, ambushing that enemy column. You need to do just as good a job against this forward air base today. Until opening of hostilities, we thought this place was an abandoned Cold War relic, but obviously thats not the case. The enemy's been repairing it under our noses for weeks, and it's fully operational now. Having an airbase this close to the DMZ allows the enemy to keep more planes in the air than we can. That has to stop today. On the other hand, this airfield could be a big help to us in the days ahead. So bombing it or hitting it with artillery is out of the question. We need it intact, and that's why we're counting on you for a clean and fast takeover.

Your'e going in at 0720, just after they launch their first combat sorites for the day. You can beigin assault on the base when South Korean bombers take out thier control towern Eliminate all personnel but leave the equipment and MiGs intact. Our South Korean friends think they can put these to good use."

Mission 3: Village Hunt (GCN)Edit

July 7th, 2007

2000 hrs Weather: Clear

"An elite enemy unit designated the Fourth Armored Bridgade has been responsible for some of the most devastating attacks against our lines. These men are lead by one of the youngest and brightest stars of the NKA Major General Rhee Nam-Soon. General Rhee's trained his unit and he drives his men hard. Taking him out of the chain of command would throw the Fourth Armored into confusion.

We have information that Ree's taking at detour this afternoon to inspect the defenses in his hometown. You'll get the chance to put them to the test.

We're sending you alone on this one, Mitchell. You'll be using the Lone Wolf gear. Your mission is to take out the command structure of the fourth armored brigade. One world of warning Rhee might be taking away form the bulk of his troops, but he's not going to be unguarded. Be prepared for stiff resistance."

Mission 4: Convoy Strike (GCN)Edit

July 7, 2007

2330 hrs Weather: Rain

"Thanks for your efforts, Captain Mitchell, the enemy's Fourth Armored Bridagde has been drastically reduced in effectivness. They've pulled it out of action until Pyongyang can find a suitable replacment for Major General Rhee. This time, we're sending you and the Ghosts to decapitate an entire division- the North Korean Third Mechanized.

According to intel reports, that units headquarters detachment is relocating to a more forward location this afternoon, while the weather keeps South Korean aircrafts grounded. That means we can hit them hard before they have time to know what's happening.

The enemy will most likely spread their communication equiment and operations out across the entire convoy. Do not let any transport vehicles get away! Expect them to split the convy into multiple segments, so move quickly and destroy them in detail.

Satellite intel indicates they have at least two heavy tanks playing escort, which means you'll be facing a lot of resistance. You'll be taking out an entire headquarters company. So expect them to be well armed and alert.

One thing that'll help you is the weather. In these conditions, you Ghosts can make the enemy think they're being attacked by a much larger force. It never hurts to mix a little panic with the mayhem.

Good luck and good hunting!"

July 8th, 2007 - DMZ (Cutscene/Cinematic)Edit

North Korean

Near the DMZ

A large regiment of battle tanks and infantry stands at the near the DMZ ready for action. Two North Korean officers, in a bunker, reveal the missle attack was not deliberate, however they believe this gives them a chance to reunify the penninsula. One officer mentions that the other generals will not go along with the offensive. The other officer discuss a back-up plan that will guarantee the escalation of conflict. Looking down at a confernce table, he shows the photo of their target (a dam). The officer tells to other to commence operations at 0800 hrs.

July 8th, 2007 - Dam Recon (Cutscene/Cinematic)Edit

0746 hrs

North Korean Airspace

Reconnaissance Mission

Two KIOWA Warrior pilots, pilot (name unspecified) and co-pilot Jeff Thomas, recon a dam under suspicion. Jeff Thomas looks down at a photo and assumes its just routine maintenace work. The pilot says he has a "hunch" its more than just routine maintence work. They hover and hold beind a tree line - bob-up to see what looks like a convoy of combat engineers. Using special surveillance equipment they record video of combat engineers stacking crates of explosives on the dam. As soon as the pilots realize what's going on they get spotted. The dam lights up with small arms fire directed at the KIOWA Warrior as the pilot trys to reposition and maintain visual contact. Then a missle locks-on to the chopper, fires, and destroys the choppers tail rotor, while trying to evade. This spins the bird out of control and then down to the ground just before the pilot could give coordinates over the communications. Only the co-pilot survives.

Mission 5: Refinery Assault (GCN)Edit

July 8th, 2007

1945 hrs Weather: Clear

"We're going to be sending you deeper in North Korean territory this time. Yor objective is to destroy thier main strategic oil refinery. We have good intel that the enemy has only a few days worth of fuel stockpiled. Once that runs out, they won't be able to keep up the pressure - if you can cut off the enemy's petroleum at the source.

Your first traget is this railroad marshalling yard. Intel shows that this refinery is a natural choke point for the entire supply system. In other words, take out the automated systems that control switching and routing fo this train yard, and you'll paralyze half of the country's rail system. The iron and rolling stock will still be intact, but North Korean rail operations will be frozen.

Next break in the refinery and take it out. This fuel tank is particulary vulnerable, and blowing it up will most likely trigger a series of explosions will level the entire complex within minutes. A well placed shot with an RPG or some heavy caliber weaponry - for instance, the stationary machinge gun set up inside the compound - should heat things up nicely.

Once you take out this refinery, it wont take long before the enemy's front line units start to really feel the pinch."

Mission 6: Caged Tiger (GCN)Edit

July 8th, 2007

2030 hrs Weather: Clear

"What you're looking at is the once notorious "Tigers' Cage", a prison compound where the former North Korean dictator used to imprison political opponents. It's been deserted for twenty years...until the day after the missile attack on the USS Clarence E. Walsh. That's when satellite recon spotted trucks entering the gate.

We thought they were refurbishing it for South Korean POWs, but as you can see in the latest photos...there aren't any. However, we have confirmed reports now that there is one man - and one man only - being held there. We don't know his identity, but whoever he is he must be extremely important.

Your mission is to break into that compound, located this prisoner, and bring him back alive so CIA experts can debrief heim. He'll probably come willingly - he can't feel very friendly towards whoever threw him in jail - but if he doesn't, just knock him out and drag him to the chopper anyway.

This facility has no obvious strategic value, so security will be slack when you go in. Once thei guards realize their prisoner is being stolen by the Yankees, however they're bound to give you a tough fight. As wiith all jails, this one will be easier going into than getting out."

Mission 7: Bird Down (GCN)Edit

July 9th, 2007

1930 hrs Weather: Clear

"As of this morning, you are not the only US troops in North Korean territory.

Although the Pentagon is still witholding offensive air pwoer above the border, we have been running some sealth reconaissance missions, using both unmanned drones and specially equipped helicopters. Eairlier today an OH-58D KIOWA Warrior was knocked down by enemy fire just as it was transmitting video of enemy presence around thsi reservoir. The co-pilot was killed in the crash, but the pilot, Captian Jeff Thomas, is still alive. That's the good news. The bad news is that he's most likely fallen into enemy hands.

Your primary objective is to rescue Captian Thomas. He's got vital information for us, but most importanly he's an American solider caught behind enmy lnes. While you're in the area, we also want you to plant a demo charge on the downed chopper, to make sure the enemy can't recover any techonlogy and reverse engineer it.

It's broad daylight, so we have to minimize the risk to your chopper on extraction. Fortuanely, our old friends the White Skulls will be conducting some raids behind enemy lines as well, and they'll detach some of thier men to set up a temporary base one mile from the crash site. Escort Captain Thomas into their lines and we'll send in a medivac in to to extract all of you."

Mission 8: Holding On (GCN)Edit

July 9th, 2007

2030 hrs Weather: Clear

"Good job extracting the pilot, Captain Mitchell, but the North Koreans are furious that you snatched the pilot from under their very guns. As a result, they've brought reinforcemnts and tracked you to the deserted village where you will rendezvous with the South Korean White Skulls.

North Korean anti-aricraft batteries have been brought to full bear ever since the OH-58D went down earlier today, so sending in an extraction chopper your way is taking longer than expected. Hold off the enemy attack until the chopper reaches your location. Protect the life of Captian thomas at all cost, until such time as the extraction chopper safely lands. The White Skulls will lay down some extra firepower to help you, but don't worry. There will be plenty of targets to go around."

Mission 9: Tides Of War (GCN)Edit

July 10th, 2007

1545 hrs Weather: Clear

"Fantastic work saving Captain Thomas, soldiers Don't relax yet though. Things are about to go from bad to worse.

That mysterious VIP prisoner you sprung out of the Tiger's Cage two days ago? It turns out that he's a major named Sung. He was a high-ranking technical advisor to North Korea's nuclear program, until he had a falling out with major-General Paik. Paik threw him in th Tiger's Cage to keep him from defecting, and now we know why. His story corroborates a lot of intel we received from Captain Thomas, and the picture it paints isn't pretty.

Major-General Paik realizes that our defensive posture in the curent confilct might lead to a relatively bloodless detente. That's why what he wants, so he has decided to make sure war with the US reaches a point of no return. To that effect, he plans to blow up Noth Koreas largest dam. If he succeeds he will drown tens of thousands of our troops under two billion tons of water. Throw in civilian casualties and other effects of that flood and you can see how serious this threat is.

Clear Paik's troops off that dam so our engineers can disarm his demolition charges. We have to prevent the Major-General from turning this resevoir into a weapon of mass destruction."

Mission 10: Command Siege (GCN)Edit

November 14th, 2007

1730 hrs Weather: Clear

"It's no exaggeration to say that, as of this morning, a single madman has pushed the world into the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Our old nemesis, General Paik, has been suspiciously quiet ever since he was publicly disgraced and forced to apologize to the North Korean people on state-run media last July. It was part of the armistice agreement, and Paik didn't like it one bit. Now it looks like he's been using that time to plan a coup. If Paik pulls it off, it will give him complete control over every nuclear weapon in North Korea's inventory. According to Major Sung, that nuclear aresenal is larger and much more dangerous than we suspected. We need to send somebody in fast before the situation worsens, and that means the Ghosts.If you can cripple Paik's rapid mobilzation of nuclear assests, a major international crisis can be averted.

Sources in Pyongyang indicate that Paik recently took control of state-of the-art command post, one that is designed to control and coordinate large scale missle strikes. If we take out Paik's ability to to carry out that sort of launch, it will buy us time to remove his other nuclear assets and give the diplomats some breathing space. There's no margine for error here, so move out."

Summit Strike

Kazakhstan has fallen into chaos. The Kazakh president and Security Council were assinated in an explosion set by notorious Pakistani warlord and arms dealer Asad Rahil. With the President dead, the Kazakh military fractured into factions vying for political control of the country. Rahil quickly moved in and consolidated power using his corrupt contacts in the Kazakh military. A large group of soldiers loyal to the government has been working closely with U.N. ground forces to stabilize the region. The Ghosts have been sent in to capture Rahil and neutralize his military presence. They are working closely with a contact in the Kazakh military named Grigoriy Koslov. Together, the Ghosts and Koslov shadow the U.N. forces' assaults against Rahil’s troops and track him from the southern mountain ranges to the wastes of the arid badlands.


April 2008

Ghost Recon One

With civil unrest in Russia borne out of an ultra-nationalist regime that came to power and placed its leader, Dmitri Arbatov, as president. The ultranationalists form the Russian Democratic Union (RDU) and conquer Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, with eyes set on the former Soviet republics.

During the first few missions of the game, the Ghosts battle Georgian rebels who are harassing the legitimate government and its allies. Their presence forces the Russian government to complain to the United Nations that the Americans have interfered in their affairs and eventually send in the army to aid the rebels. The Ghosts slow down the invading forces while foreign nationals evacuate the country. Eventually, the Ghosts are all that's left of US forces in Georgia and take the last helicopter out of the American Embassy in T'bilisi just as Russian forces storm the complex. The Georgian government flees to Geneva and sets up a government-in-exile while the RDU assimilates Georgia.

The Ghosts are later redeployed to the Baltic states in response to a Russian invasion launched three days ahead of intelligence estimates. The game's second campaign focuses on the Ghosts' efforts to slow down the invasion to buy time for NATO units to arrive in force, with the closest of them coming from Germany. The Ghosts fight alongside American forces to push the Russian Army out of the Baltics, with victories in Utena, Rezekne, and Vilnius. The loss of the Baltic states takes its toll on the RDU with Arbatov blamed for the disaster and put under house arrest.

The game's third and final campaign focuses on the Ghosts' forays into Russia, with their first mission being to free American and Russian POWs opposed to the government. The military executes President Arbatov which sparks a nationwide rebellion bordering on civil war. The ultra-nationalists quickly lose public support and many members of the RDU are also liberated or quit the alliance. The Ghosts later attack several Russian bases such as the naval base at Murmansk and the airbase at Arkhangel'sk, weakening the ultranationalists' combat power. The RDU forces finally attract strong international condemnation and practically dissolve after they detonate a nuclear weapon during a battle north of Moscow between the ultranationalists and a joint force of US and allied Russian combat units.

After the Ghosts succeed in weakening the ultranationalists, NATO forces strike Moscow with the Ghosts spearheading the assault. The remaining ultra-nationalist forces marshal their armor and infantry in the wooded areas surrounding Moscow as a last line of defense. However, the Ghosts break through the lines and clear a path for NATO forces. On November 10, NATO forces finally reach a deserted Moscow, with the ultra-nationalist holdouts led by Prime Minister Karpin still in the Kremlin. After a final assault by the Ghosts in Red Square, the ultra-nationalists surrender and both the Americans and the newly-liberated Russians celebrate their victory.


Desert Siege

In the year 2009, old hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia have resurfaced. Colonel Tesfaye Wolde of the Ethiopian military had participated in illegal arms trades with Russian ultra-nationalists. Sparing no time at all, and with a newly refurbished arsenal, Col. Wolde seized the opportunity to reclaim Eritrea (which won independence in 1993). The situation garnered international interest when the conflict threatened the shipping lanes in the Red Sea. In response to a plea from the Eritrean government for international support, the Ghosts have been mobilized to stop Col. Wolde from advancing any further.

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