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The Last stand is the final mission in the PC version of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2.


This mission is one of the most difficult, considering that the LZ is hot, causing your AI temmates to get killed before you can get them into cover.

Part 1: US border station Edit

Part 2: Mexican border station Edit

Note: This section of the mission restricts saving for an unknown reason, thus the quick save method (by pressing K) will not be guaranteed.

Once all enemies at the US border post are killed, run inside and take cover.  If you have AI teammates alive, direct them to use the machine gun nests.  They'll make short work of any advancing enemy.

At 250m, helicopter activates. You can prepare for it by having squadmates man the machine gun nests near the border, and by running back towards them.  The gunship is easily destroyed by the emplacements.

At 230m, you can detect two soldiers hiding behind the next car by viewing the overhead tac map. Onle a few steps further, and they're in firing range.  They may shift around.

At 180m, there's a sniper somewhere on the right-hand side of the overpassing bridge. If you can position youself looking through the broken van's window, he should appear slightly left from a billboard.

At 165m to the Mexican border, there is a sniper on a left roof, can be spotted as far as 175m when on the left walkway.

Caution when approaching 150m when on the right, there's a frontal MG emplacement, and the enemies at the border should be in firing range.

At 140m, on the left, look at the right to see an MG emplacement on the right-hand roof.

At 130m, while on the left, you can potentially detect two enemies - one approaching from the other side of the bridge, and next to the blue van at ground level (on the far right side of the checkpoint.

Enemy attacks pick up at around 110m. This is because of view distance, where enemies simply aren't visible if they're ~110m away.   There's a group of enemies on the left hand side, forming a sandbag wall.

At 100m, a tank is visible on the right-hand side.  Use an airstrike to take it out.

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