The Al'Hudun Refinery Complex
Location Details

The Al'Hudun Refinery Complex, is a Middle Eastern-based crude petroleum facility; owned by one of Artemis Global Security's many essential clients.

General Information Edit

Layout Edit

Al'Hudun rests on a desert plain and is covered by plateaus to the north and west. Three oil refineries make up the facility's structure, and are interconnected by pipelines. The complex is also heavily guarded by state-of-the-art Artemis AAA units.

Short History Edit

Al' Hudun was attacked in the early months of 2014, by one of the executive's many rival factions. Two of the three refineries were lost in battle. The executive evacuated his personnel, and then contacted Artemis. He contracted them to defend the area. The Reaper Flight was immediately deployed to Al'Hudun, and after arrival; enemy armour, helos', and aircraft launched a massive offensive. The attack was decimated in a matter of minutes; yet a bomber squadron approached. They were handled as well, and Al' Hudun would never be besieged again-either physically nor diplomatically. After the 2021 War, however, Al'Hudun was given back to OPEC under a decree by the UN.   
89071-Screenshot 08 normal

F-16C destroying enemy choppers over Al'Hudun

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