T'Bilisi GBA
Location: T'Bilisi Buildings

T'Bilisi is the first mission in the video game Splinter Cell for Nintendo's Gameboy Advanced.

Mission OverviewEdit

Fisher, we need you to search the Georgian capital of T'Bilisi for two missing CIA agents, William Robert Blaustein and Alice Madison.

—--Briefing Message

The first mission starts out with Sam on the streets making his way to a building that's on fire. To make his way threw the burning building he has to accomplish various objects such as jumping over fire, climbing over dangerous objects from the ceiling polls, leaping from poll to poll and carefully walking or running over floorboards that could fall from under him with the right amount of pressure.

After making it threw the first section of the building Sam gets a call in from Lambert asking him to find a safe that contains important documents that could help locate Blaustien. Fisher continues to make his way threw the building when he stumbles upon a room with a safe on the right hand side and a heath box to the left of it. After Sam cracks the safe and heals his wounds he heads back the down the way he came and jumps onto the cables of the ruined elevator. He slids down and continues on his path. On the next floor down Sam encounters a large stairwell he needs to get down, however it happens to be on fire. The only Sam can do is make a daring leap to one of the pipes. He leaps from pipe to pipe grabbing each one and moving on.

Fisher eventually makes it outside on to the balconies of the building, he climbs from balcony to balcony until he gets to a locked door. Sam pulls out his lockpick, unlocks the door and heads inside. Inside the next building Sam comes across several armed blue shirt men. In order to take them out Fisher chooses to both use his pistol capable of firing tranquilizer darts and his ability to knock enemies out with his elbow that he's used time and time again.

Sam now needed to make his way up a couple floors in order to find the bookshelf he was now looking for that contained more information that was needed, however this time he was able to use the operational elevators to help cut down some time. After making it past a couple more of the blue suit men, he came across the bookshelf with a few books next to it on the floor. Fisher then searches the bookshelf only to find the information on the missing CIA agents he was searching for, finishing the mission.[1]

Mission ObjectivesEdit

This is not an official list of the objectives.

  • Make it past the first section of the burning building.
  • Find the safe in the building with the important documents.
    • Find it in order to locate missing CIA agents.
  • Find and search the bookshelf for more information.
    • Find it in order to locate missing CIA agents.

See AlsoEdit


  1. Splinter Cell (GBA)

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