Su-47 Berkut
HAWX Su47 screen
Experimental Fighter
Manufacturer: Sukhoi
Orign: Russian Federation
Organization: Russian Air Force
Corps: Spetsnaz Guard Brigade[1]/HAWX[2]
Vehicle Details
Armament: GSh-30-1 cannon
, R-77, R-77PD, R-73, K-74 AAMs
, X-29T, X-29L, X-59M, X-31P, X-31A, KAB-500, KAB-1500 ASMs
Height: 20'8"
Length: 74'2"
Weight: 36,100 lb (16,375 kg) - 55,115 lb (25,000 kg)
Crew: 1
Speed: 1,066 mph (Mach 1.6)

The Sukhoi Su-47 is an experimental fighter used by Russia.


The Su-47 is an incredibly agile fighter. Like its American counterpart, Grumman's X-29 of the 1980's, it has forward-swept wings. Although it is already maneuverable, like the F-22 Raptor and F-15 ACTIVE, the Berkut has thrust-vectoring nozzles that allows for better agility. The Su-47 also features a reclining ejection seat (which is also used on the F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-22), which reduces the impact of high g-forces on the pilot.[3] During development, it was also known as S-32 and S-37. If the Su-47 is ordered for the Russian military, the latter will have a match for the F-22.

See AlsoEdit

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