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Submachine Gun
Manufacturer: Many Known Manufacturers
Users: Many Known Users
Weapon Details
Optics: Laser Sight, Red Dot Sight, Rifle Scope, 6X Scope
Supressed: Optional on Most

For a list of the submachine guns, see Category:Submachine Gun.

A submachine gun (SMG) is a shoulder-fired, fully automatic firearm chambered for a pistol cartridge.


With the light recoil of the small caliber combined with the typical light weight of the weapon, the submachine gun is popular with military special forces and law-enforcement SWAT teams that often engage in close quarters combat.

The most popular cartridge for the SMG is the 9x19mm Luger pistol round, that offers good stopping power against unarmored targets and good ammunition capacity. However extended range and armor-piercing capability have been sought after in the small SMG sized package, so new rounds like the 5.7x28mm round for the FN P90 were developed.

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