Su-38 Slamhound
Sgb su38
Strike Fighter
Manufacturer: Sukhoi
Orign: SGB/Russian Air Force
Organization: Russian Air Force
Vehicle Details
Armament: Air-to-ground rockets, Fuel-Air Bombs, Missiles
Crew: One
Speed: Mach 2 (Presumed)

The Sukhoi Su-38 Slamhound is the Spetsnaz's fighter in EndWar.


This single-seat multi-role fighter, probably based off the Sukhoi Su-47, is kitted out to perform ground-attack and troop support missions. It has reinforced cockpit armor and numerous hardpoints for weapons. Its forward-swept wing design and thrust-vectoring capabilities allow it to be maneuverable at low speeds and high angles of attack. That, combined with the Slamhound's deadly arsenal, makes the Su-38 a fearsome aircraft.[1]

Picture GalleryEdit


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