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Location Details
Terrain: Indoors and Outdoors

Streets is a map that was first seen in Rainbow Six: Vegas. Players of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 may play this map after downloading the extra game pack. The Streets can be played in either Terrorist Hunt mode, or via online multiplayer gameplay.

Map Information Edit

The Streets of this abonded shanty town in Mexico have been used as training grounds for close-quarter combat by elite counter-strike units. The map features two floors and a basement that characters can use to plan their attacks and movements.

From the outside courtyard characters can see only four buildings and two stairwells leading to the basement. In the middle of the courtyard is a smaller building that has both a stairwell to the basement on the inside and a ladder on the back of the building that leads to a small roof that can be used to gain a tactical advantage.

When playing a team-based multiplayer game mode, each team's characters generate in one of two buildings that are directly across from one another. While the purpose for the buildings are somewhat similar, they each feature a different floor layout and different objects that can be used as cover. Each building does however feature a stairwell to the second floor, a door that leads to the courtyard, a front deck that provides limited cover, a ladder that leads to the basement, two windows on the second floor that are equipped with rappel ropes, and a wide range of boxes stacked on top of pallets to proved cover for players.

The basement of the Streets is a large underground area that features many ways to provide cover, hide from enemies, and escape from danger. While the hallways do get a bit narrow in certain locations, the basement makes up for this downfall with several exit and entrance points. If players wish to go from one building to the other without passing threw the open courtyard, the basement makes for a reasonable secondary approach.

Besides the two buildings that players generate in while playing team-based game modes, there are also two other building parallel from one another. Each building has two doorways on the first floor, one on each building faces one of the two buildings that players generate in while playing team-based game modes. The second doorway on each building faces the courtyard. Unlike the two larger buildings in this location, these two are very different from one another. In one of the two, players need to climb a ladder two get to the second floor from the inside, while the other players can simply use the stairwell. One has a two balconies and two rappel ropes on the second floor, while the other has many windows that players can aim at the enemies through. Neither building however has a stairwell or ladder to the basement and lower levels of the Streets.

In the middle of the courtyard is a small concrete building that has a stairwell that leads to the center of the basement. Inside this area there are two large windows that leave players vulnerable to attacks from both sides, however the doorway leading to the courtyard is directly parallel to a door leading into one of the smaller two story buildings, giving players the ability to quickly get to safety. On the opposite side of the building as the doorway is a latter that leads up to an open section on the roof. On the sides of the roof are multiple sandbags that can be used for cover, however, without protection or multiple players this is a very vulnerable location due to the ability other players have to easily target the open area.


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