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Splinter Cell is a common title. For other uses see, Splinter Cell (Disambig)

Splinter Cell (GBA)
Splinter Cell (GBA) Cover
Video Game
Genre: Stealth, Action
Series: Splinter Cell
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release date: April 27, 2003
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Splinter Cell is an action based video game for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The game was both published and developed by Ubisoft. It features Sam Fisher as the main character as he makes his way past camera's, guards and other obstacles to complete missions for the NSA.


Splinter Cell for the GBA essentially is a retelling of the original game: You play as Sam Fisher, an ultrasecret government commando working for an organization that operates above the law, sending its agents into dangerous situations in the name of national security. Fisher must rely primarily on stealth as he works his way, alone, to the heart of heavily defended enemy compounds.[1]



Sam fisher portrait Sam Fisher
Fisher has been on the front lines of espionage through several key decades of world history. He has not only survived, but excelled in the field of espionage through hard work, insatiable curiosity, and brutal honesty. He has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies. He is quiet, instinctive, and observant, somebody who watches from the outside...(Read More))
Irving Lambert Irving lambert portrait
Lambert is in charge of all Third Echelon field operations. Lambert became involved in intelligence as a young man and rose quickly in rank and responsibility. He was in the Persian Gulf for months leading up to Desert Storm, coordinating SIGINT and running double agents...(Read More)


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