General Sergei Izotov
Sergei Izotov
Faction: Russia
Organization: SGB
Professional Details
Status: Alive
Rank: General

Personnal Details

Gender: Male

General Sergei Izotov is the commander of the SGB.


Izotov holds speeches and also gives descriptions of opponents to his colonels. In difference to the other generals (Scott J. Mitchell and Amadou de Bankole), Izotov often advised to let the enemy destroy unimportant buildings, presumably to show that the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade troops are heroic. This happened when the Forgotten Army attacked the Minsk power plant. He revealed that it was him that funded the Forgotten Army's attacks at JFK Space Center, Europe's Rozenburg's Petrol Plant, and Russia's Minsk Power Plant and planted false evidence including framing the Europeans (giving the U.S. a justifiable excuse to invaded Copenhagen and kidnap the European Federation's defense minister, Francois Pulain) to get the U.S. and E.F. to turn against each other to prevent them from double teaming against Russia.


Between battlesEdit

  • "I am updating stretegic display now, here are the results from the past week."

Doing a good jobEdit

  • "That was a good piece of work, colonel."


  • "We did well in America."
  • "We had our way on the American Front."
  • "Things went well in Western Europe."
  • "Things went well on the home front."

Gatering TerritoryEdit

  • "We've lost an air base."
  • "We've lost an army base."
  • "We've captured an air base."
  • "We've captured an army base."
  • "Victory in Washington, we took it from the Americans."
  • "Paris has fallen, we took it from the Europeans."


  • "Colonel, the Motherland is the victor of another great patriotic war. Not that this is a big surprise but still it is a massive event. We have set our place at the head of the table and it's a table with just one chair. The Earth is so stingy it can support only one global power now. The others will slide off into extinction like ancient civilizations that no-one has heard of. Relish this victory and the dawn of the new Russian era you helped achieve."

Notes Edit


  1. EndWar

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