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SS Rublev
Orign: Russia
Class: Freighter
Vehicle Details

The SS Rublev is a freighter that appears in Splinter Cell: Double Agent.


The SS Rublev is a Russian cargo ship that often partakes in cargo transfers across much of the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere around the world. Very little has been revealed of its operational history. It is normally crewed by native Russians and as of 2008 was captained by a man who purportedly was a major political figure during the years of the Soviet Union. The ship is kept under tight control, as most of its crew carry firearms for personal defense, namely AK-47s. The vessel also hosts a single helicopter for sea-to-land operations. Its heavy guard may suggest it is accustomed to carrying illegal cargo.


Little is known of the vessel's history prior to 2008. During a routine run that year, the Rublev was sailing through the Sea of Okhotsk when a massive snowstorm rolled into the region. The ship was stranded when it ran into a large ice shelf, forcing the crew to shut down the vessel until they were able to clear a route for the ship to escape the ice flows.

Unfortunately for the Russians, the Rublev became the target of John Brown's Army, an American terrorist organization seeking to acquire nuclear materials in order to destroy the American government, which they had deemed too corrupt to remain in power. It was determined that the Rublev would be an ideal vessel for use in transporting a nuclear weapon into the continental United States, so a mission was launched to capture the vessel. JBA leader Emile Dufraisne dispatched a JBA team led by Enrica Villablanca to capture the ship, and also sent newly-initiated operative and NSA double agent Sam Fisher to perform the operation. Fisher was deployed via plane into the icy region and made his way towards the vessel after evading several patrols.

Upon reaching the vessel, Fisher boarded the Rublev via a Zodiac being lifted by crane, and was ordered to incapacitate the entire crew to ensure that the incoming hijackers would seize the vessel without resistance. Fisher killed or disabled numerous crew members and made his way to the ship's bridge, where he slaughtered the bridge crew by means of highly-toxic nerve gas. This alerted the ship's captain and all remaining crew members were placed on high alert. In the midst of all this, Fisher inquired Lambert on the situation via the ship's communications tower, but was told to proceed as he had been ordered to.

Fisher fought his way through the guards and eventually infiltrated the vessels lower decks, clearing out the engine rooms until he located the captain. The captain planned on destroying his own ship in order to prevent the capture of the Rublev by rigging the engines to explode. Fisher managed to sneak up on the captain and swiftly neutralized him, ensuring the capture of the vessel.

Upon Fisher's extraction, Dufraisne's contact, Massoud Ibn-Yussif and his team captured the Rublev and eventually freed it from the ice flows. It is unknown what they did to the surviving crew.

Service with the JBAEdit

The Rublev would later be used to smuggle the Red Mercury warhead into the continental United States. The bomb's explosive energy was approximate to that of a nuclear weapon, ensuring the total destruction of its target. This warhead was likely intended for Los Angeles, one of three cities targeted by the JBA.

Ultimately, however, the JBA's plot was foiled when Fisher betrayed the JBA and killed Dufraisne, preventing the destruction of New York City. Third Echelon informed the authorities of Dufrainse's accomplices and they were swiftly arrested, saving Los Angeles. What became of the Rublev since the incident is unknown. It is likely that the vessel was returned to the Russian authorities.

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