July 19th, 1997 (12:00pm EST)

  • Julie Meyer reports that the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping died at the age of ninety-two due to multiple strokes. Because of his death President Jiang Zemin, whom was previously chosen to become the leader of China a year and a half before, was intended on becoming the new leader of China. At this time it was believed that Jiang's leadership may in fact be challenged. (SSN (Novel))

July 21st, 1997 (2:00pm EST)

  • Bill Mossette reports that United Fuels Corporation discovered a large oil deposit six miles from the Mischief Reef. The deposit was the largest found yet and contained around one trillion barrels worth. On this day the company's stock rose around 200% and cost $89 a share. United Fuels Corporation also began building their drilling platforms to retrieve that oil deposit. (SSN (Novel))

July 23rd, 1997 (12:00pm-3:00pm EST)

July 26th, 1997 (12:00pm EST)

July 27th, 1997 (3:00pm EST)

July 30th, 1997 (12:00pm EST)


August 2nd, 1997 (1:00pm EST)

August 12th, 1997 (0100 Hours)

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