SLAMS sats

Laser satellites of the Space, Land, Air Missile Shield

The Space, Land, Air Missile Shield - also commonly referred to as SLAMS - is a conjunction of satellites operated by both the United States of America and the European (then Union) Federation. The program was established to almost entirely disable the possibility of nuclear war, following the Nuclear War in Saudi Arabia.

Beginning of the SLAMS ProjectEdit

The SLAMS project was finalized in 2017, with the signing of the initiation of the program and the establishment of the uplink clusters in major locations to boost signal confidence in the region and maintain a strong connection to the orbiting satellites Earth. Each nation established its own uplink clusters to for the territories it maintains. These satellites and their respective uplinks were said to have the capability to shoot down 99% of all fired nuclear missiles.

The European Federation and United States first tested these by firing their nuclear arsenals at one another. The shield was capable of shooting down every single one of those missiles, thus proving that SLAMS was to be successful in its protection of American and European territories from nuclear ballistic missiles.

It is not entirely known why the SLAMS project does not fire upon the Russian thermobaric missile, used in the Endwar series, though it is suspected that, because it does not gain much altitude, it is not targeted by the shield, or else it would be targetting all fired missiles around the world. However, this creates a flaw within the SLAMS system, both theatre nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles and bomber-launched nuclear-tipped missiles wouldn't be targeted by the shield, thus allowing nations to carry out nuclear attacks on other nations.


Prior to the beginning of the Third World War, the United States of America had planned the final launch of the Freedom Star's modules. This had attracted powerful protest from nations around the world, primarily from the European Federation, who left the divided NATO in protest.

Following the implementation of a virus in the EF's missile defence system, the launch of the module was detected as an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and was fired upon and destroyed. The entire crew was killed and all equipment lost. Thus began the Third World War.

2021 WarEdit

During the 2021 War, the SLAMS defense system was disabled by Artemis Global Security. Captain David Crenshaw was forced to fly a mission to disable the Command Uplink Node's EMP air defense system so the Ghost Special Forces team can secure the facility before the US prepared an emergency shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral loaded with new satellite.

Later historyEdit

Although the general public was told the system was not implemented, the SLAMS system destroyed a warhead on a missile launched toward London.


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