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SC Pistol
Users: NSA (Third Echelon)
Class: Pistol
Weapon Details
Ammunition Type: 5.7x28mm
Magazine Capacity: 20 Round Clip (Standard)
Supressed: Yes

The SC Pistol is a silenced pistol that has only been seen by various splinter cells working with the NSA's Third Echelon program. It is a heavily modified FN Five-Seven.


The SC Pistol is a suppressed pistol issued to Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell series. The pistol is capable of equipping many different attachments. However, the attachments are usually changed every game, not during the game(i.e., the first Splinter Cell has no attachment, Pandora Tomorrow has lasersight, and Chaos Theory and Double Agent have an electonic disabler to disable cameras, etc.). The pistol is the accompaniment to the SC-20K; the pistol is much quieter and more effective in close-quarter battles, but aiming isn't quite as sufficient.

In actuality the pistol is a suppressed version of the FN Five-Seven. it fires 5.7x28mm caliber rounds. Its standard magazine is able to hold up to 20 rounds. In Chaos Theory and Double Agent, it usually takes between 3-5 shots to the abdomen to decimate a guerilla; head shots almost always result in an instantaneous execution.

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