Robert Highland is a police officer for Scotland Yard in London. He became the point man for the Sean Miller investigation in Patriot Games after being personally selected by Commander James Owens.

Background Edit

Sergeant Robert Highland was the officer who received an anonymous phone call leading to the arrest of Maureen Dwyer. Impressed with his work, Commander Owens hand-picked him as his #2 throughout the investigation, and also selected Highland as the senior officer during the transportation of terrorist Sean Miller.

Character Edit

Bob Highland's physical appearance is not described, although he is referred to as young. He is also considered very professional by Owens, and in the commander's opinion has a good mind for investigative work. Owens notes that he will someday make a fine Inspector. He is married with children, and has an aversion to travelling by boat.

The film version of Highland is a tall, slender man in his mid-forties, portrayed by actor David Threlfall. In the film, Highland is the chief Inspector in charge of the investigation, largely taking the place of Jimmy Owens.

Patriot Games Edit

Sergeant Highland is introduced during the arrest of terrorist Maureen Dwyer. Commander Owens is impressed by his handling of the arrest & crime scene, and often calls on Highland throughout the investigation. Noted as a promising young investigator, Highland's career is nearly cut short while transporting captured terrorist Sean Miller. Shot twice at point-blank range by Miller, Highland was the only man out of ten to survive. Left aboard a ferry adrift at sea, he managed to radio Scotland Yard despite his injuries. Highland survived, but was forced to walk with leg braces and a cane for some time after.

In the film version, Highland is the Inspector handling the case. He handles the interrogation of Sean Miller after his capture, and is later killed by Miller during the rescue.