This article is about a video game.
Rainbow Six (Game)
Video Game
Genre: First Person/Tactical Shooter
Publisher: Red Storm Entertainment
Status: Released

Rainbow Six is a video game based on the novel of the same name, made by Red Storm Entertainment.


Rainbow Six is a first-person shooter, and the player leads a team on missions. The player has the option of setting up tactical waypoints.


Rainbow Six is set in the year 1999.

RAINBOW is a newly created multinational counter-terrorism unit, composed of elite soldiers from NATO countries, formed to address the growing problem of international terrorism. The organization's director is John Clark, and the team leader is Ding Chavez. The term "Rainbow Six" refers to the director of the organization, John Clark.

Soon after its inauguration, RAINBOW finds itself responding to a series of seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks by the Phoenix Group, a radical eco-terrorist organization. Throughout its investigation, RAINBOW is assisted and advised by John Brightling, chairman of the powerful biotechnology corporation Horizon Inc.

However, RAINBOW eventually learns that the Phoenix Group is actually a front for Horizon Inc itself. Brightling's company is developing a highly contagious strain of the Ebola virus, called "Shiva," with the ability to kill every human being on the planet. In order to protect "mother nature," John Brightling is planning to kill the entire human race, sparing only Brightling's chosen few, who will re-emerge and rebuild the planet into a scientific and environmentally-friendly utopia. To achieve this goal, he has used the scattered terrorist attacks to create fear of terrorism, which he then exploited in order to get a security contract for his own private security firm at the Olympic Games. Brightling's plan is for his "security personnel" to unleash the virus at the games, spreading it to all the countries of the world.

RAINBOW succeeds in preventing the release of the virus at the Olympics, and Brightling and his collaborators retreat to their Horizon Ark facility in the Brazilian jungle, from which they had originally planned to weather out the global holocaust. RAINBOW infiltrates the facility, killing all of Brightling's collaborators and capturing Brightling himself.

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