Project Watson was a project the UN Committee was working on.

Project OverviewEdit

Project Watson was the U.N. Committee that was charged with cracking the Masse Kernels, a series of computerized algorithms engineered by Canadian terrorist Philip Masse. The Masse Kernels had been used to orchestrate the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004, and the techniques developed by Masse were years ahead of his time. Bruce Morgenholdt and Abrahim Zherkezhi were the two leading participants of the project, and were eventually successful in reverse-engineering the kernels. They discovered the Five-Twelve Encryption which Sam Fisher came across several times in the mission MCAS Banco De Panama[1], however he was able to get past its security by hacking the computer using his OPSAT.[2]

Unfortunately, Morgenholt and Zherkezhi's involvement in the project meant that they possessed valuable data on how the Masse Kernels could once again be used to engineer conflicts overseas. This prompted American PMC Displace International to kidnap, interrogate, and subsequently murder the two scientists under the guise of a failed VIP Protection operation, as they hoped to profiteer off of the growing crisis in East Asia during 2007 by means of IW attacks.

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