Price Airfield is the Black Arrow's headquarters and is located at Old Tavern in Virginia.

Splinter Cell ConvictionEdit

After Sam Fisher was captured by rogue Third Echelon Splinter Cells in Andriy Kobin's mansion, he is taken to Price Airfield. After Sam wakes up from his blindings, he sees Director Tom Reed, Colonel Jeremy Prentiss, Major Shawn Robertson, his only ally Anna Grimsdottir and a pilot named Oscar Laboy. After Reed kills Oscar, he tells Prentiss and Robertson to get their mercenaries ready for battle and leaves shortly from the airfield and Grim shoots the mercenary and tells Sam that she is working with President Patricia Caldwell as a mole inside Third Echelon to help him escape. Sam goes out and take two C4s and plant one in the Black Hawk helicopter inside the hanger. After plant one C4 to the helicopter, he goes to baracks and cut the main power. After main power is down, he planted last C4 to the satellite dish and the backup power is online and the mercenaries are trying to find and kill Sam but he gunned them down and he goes to the security baracks to shut the gate. Sam escapes the airfield and set off C4s to destroy the airfield and killing a large amount of mercenaries stationed there.

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