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Ponta Blanco Lighthouse
Organization: "People's Voice"
Terrain: Numerous Ruins and Cave Systems, Coastal Facility

The Ponta Blanco Lighthouse is a location that is found in the video game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Location OverviewEdit

The lighthouse is located outside of Tacara, Peru right off the Pacific Ocean. It is attached to an abandoned Spanish colonial era fortification and other additional structures. Underneath the entire area there is a vast network of old natural and semi-natural caves that the guards must constantly patrol in order to ensure no enemy intrusions. The entire area features 12 rooms used for various purposes by the enemy. The guerillas are members of the "People's Voice", a Peruvian separatist faction that has been provided with "High-Tech" weapons to replace their typical gear. While Sam Fisher was sneaking around the caves he found out that "Smokers" used to use the caves before anyone else and that a lot of the tunnels and secret passages were created by their group. The lighthouse has three different sections that the area's are split into including; The Dungeon, The Fortress and The Lighthouse.[1]


The Ponta Blanco Lighthouse is a major campsite for the People's Voice. Its status as an abandoned fortress made it an ideal place for the fledgling guerilla organization to foster its growth. It was used as a barracks for the soldiers and as a supply depot where their newly-acquired weapons were stored for future use. The lighthouse itself served as a communications outpost where the guerillas kept in contact with the terrorist organization's small fleet of acquired ships.

On June 27, 2007, American computer engineer Bruce Morgenholt was kidnapped by the People's Voice while in Peru. Their leader, Hugo Lacerda, was contracted by one of his contacts to kidnap Morgenholt so that they could acquire information on the Masse Kernels from him for their own use. the NSA sent Splinter Cell Agent Same Fisher to rescue Morgenholt and to ensure that nothing he was forced to confess made its way into enemy hands.

Fisher infiltrated the fortress by means of the underground cave system, and easily picked off the guards as he made his way towards Morgenholt. Unfortunately, the guerillas were torturing Morgenholt to death in order to force him to divulge everything he knew. Fisher killed his tormentors, but was too late to save Morgenholt himself, and was forced to leave his body.

During the mission, Fisher discovered Lacerda's dealing in smuggling advanced weapons, and attempted to track down Lacerda himself. Unfortunately, he learned from one of Lacerda's officers that the former had already fled the scene, forcing Fisher to abandon that objective. Fisher recovered all remaining data on the Masse Kernels that had not yet be transmitted, and then tracked Lacerda to a freighter named the Maria Narcissa. After clearing the guards, Fisher extracted from the top of the lighthouse and continued his pursuit of Lacerda.

In the days that followed, Peruvian authorities stormed the compound and recovered Morgenholt's body, suggesting the fortress is no longer in the possession of the People's Voice.

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