Faction: United States
Organization: Joint Strike Force
Corps: US Army
Class: Engineer
Unit Details

Pioneers are combat engineers employed by American Joint Strike Force commanders.


The Pioneers are equipped with exoskeletal suits and advanced body armor technologies to complete battlefield tasks such as laying minefields and destroying hostile vehicles. They are vulnerable to Riflemen and, from a distance, artillery. Although they do not have combat gear as sophisticated and technologically advanced as that of the European Federation Enforcer Corp., they still pose a serious threat on the battlefield. And like other engineers types in EndWar, they capture uplinks at a slower rate than riflemen, but upgrade much quicker and can deploy PD-6 Rottweiler combat drones to defend already capture uplink sites. They can also pin down enemy infantry formations with gatling guns.

Weapons: AT5CQ 127mm Anti-Tank Missile Launcher, XMX 6.8mm Compact Assault Rifle, M268 7.62mm SAW Minigun


  1. EndWar

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