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Location: New York
Mission Details


Sam Fisher was recalled to the US in order to investigate the involvement of Zherkezi (a top computational theorist) in the kidnapping, torture and unintentional murder of Bruce Morgenholt. Sam was being briefed on his mission to infiltrate Zherkezi's penthouse in New York, when the entire city's power supply was cut of by unconventional and at the time - unknown means. Suspicious enough, the same happened in a Japanese city.

This new development was no reason for Sam to sit on his hands - if anything it made it even more necessary for agent Fisher to get to the bottom of the developing situation in the international political theater.

Sam was inserted near the target building with the subtle task of sircumventing the proximate National Guard outpost.

Following a lead from his recent mission in a Panamanian bank, Sam infiltrated the Penthouse and accessed Zherkezi's Panic room computer to shine some light on the biggest question at the moment - Abrahim Zherkezi was a geek and not a mastermind - he could not have orchestrated Morgenholt's kidnapping. The NSA was acting under the assumption that a puppeteer known to them as "Dvorak" was pulling the strings. Sam made a surprising discovery when in Zherkezi's computer - "Dvorak" seemed to be on the adjacent roof according to information on the computer.

Another disturbing lead emerged, Zherkezi appeared to have contracted a PMC (private military contracter) to guard his penthouse and him. The PMC was Displace International, evidently, the same people who guarded Lacerda aboard the Maria Narcissa.

Displace International (The top contracter for the United States at the moment) was owned by Doug Shetland, a former CO of Sam Fisher and prior to Sam's recruitment, a primary choice for Third Echelon. Shetland was known from the Pandora Tomorrow incident, an incident that is remembered for the emergence of 5-12 encryption IW algorithms. It was a disturbing possibility that Douglas Shetland was crooked.

Sam was instructed to proceed to "Dvorak"'s supposed position and ascertain his real identity. Upon entering one of the rooms whilst searching for Dvorak Sam spots a civilian, alone in one room. He approached a civilian who turned out to be an old man and began to question him in regard to "Dvorak".

As it turned out, Dvorak was not a person but a revolutionary piece of software embeded in an extremely OLD piece of hardware. After a long explanation by Anna Grimsdottir, it became clear that Dvorak was, in essence, an infinite state machine. A machine that updated and reconfigured itself with each execution of a task. A self sufficient machine with the ability to evolve and "learn".

After retrieving the machine's output (in the form of punchcards) Sam proceeded to the extraction point. If interrogated, one of the NPCs gave Milan Nedich as the name of the officer in charge of Zherkezi's Displace protection detail.


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