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Panther 1A3
Main Battle Tank
Orign: European Federation
Corps: EFEC
Vehicle Details
Armament: 120mm smoothbore gun
co-axial 7.62mm MG
AA 7.62mm MG
Height: 3'4
Length: 8'9
Width: 3'8
Weight: 40 tons
Crew: 2

The Panther 1A3 is a main battle tank featured in EndWar. It's effective against transports, artillery, riflemen (protected or unprotected), and unprotected engineers. It's vulnerable to gunships, and engineers in cover or garrisoned. It's also able to run over minor obstacles.


The Panther 1A3 combines the best features of mounted combat systems from al around Europe. Once again, the European focus on high technology and speed is evident. The Pather excels in maneuverability and yet is still a very capable weapons platform. By combining its 120mm main gun with a newly designed automatic loading system, the Euros have made the Panther 1A3 one of the fastest-firing tanks in the world. It also uses a more robust version of the same hybrid engine that powers the AMZ-26 Badger.

Tech ComentaryEdit

The list of manufacturers for the Panther 1A3 Mounted Combat System reads like a "who's who" of the biggest European auto, tech, and weapons companies. Its main cannon is of German design, its targeting system is French, its power plant is from Austria, its gearbox is from Italy. The European Federation proudly boasts this fact but keeps quiet about the Panther's chassis, which is of Israeli design. In fact much of the Panther's internal design and layout is "borrowed" from the Israelis.

By using the same hybrid engine technology that powers the AMZ-26 Badger, the Panther 1A3 is able to go much longer between refueling, especially when compared to the M5A5 and T-100. However, to make the engine powerful enough to move all of the Panther's bulk, some concessions had to be made as far as noise and efficiency are concerned.

The Panther is also equipped with a 7.62mm chaingun, which can be replaced with a high-power microwave emitter. The high-power microwave transmitter is considered a "cruel" weapon by the critics, and a move has been made to have them banned by the Geneva Convention. As a result, the Panther is one of the most feared main battle tanks in the world.

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