PAH-6 Cheetah
Gunship-PAH-6 Cheetah-EFEC
Helicopter Gunship
Orign: European Federation
Corps: EFEC
Vehicle Details
Height: 3.7M (12.13 ft)
Length: 14.2M (46.58 ft)
Width: 4.7M (15.42 ft)
Weight: 5500 KG (12100 lbs)
Crew: 2
The PAH-6 Cheetah is a helicopter gunship in the game endwar. It is used by the European Federation Enforcer Corps.[1]

Overview Edit

The PAH-6 is a technological wonder due to its dual hydrogen-powered turboshaft engines. It is the 2nd generation version of a line of combat helicopters which were first deployed in 2003. Since then this series of attack choppers has demonstrated high lethality and survivability. The Cheetah is lighter, more energy-efficient, and more maneuverable than previous generations by a wide margin. It is usually painted in Digital or Sky Blue Camo.

Tech commentary Edit

Europe has been on the forefront of alternative energy sources ever since 2009. As a result, units like the PAH-6 Cheetah are powered by some of the most technologically advanced "green energy" engines in the entire world. What's amazing is that these engines are just as effective as their fossil fuel-powered counterparts from a generation ago. However, manufacturing these engines is complex and time-consuming. One unique feature of the Cheetah is its shrouded tail rotor. Not only does this reduce its acoustic signature, but it also protects the tail rotor from damage. The Cheetah is capable of a number of high agility maneuvers and can even perform a loop while equipped with a full combat load out. Unit design is mainly Dutch and British with additional German and Polish influence.

The Cheetah is armed with the HOT-3, an optically tracked, laser guided missile using a tandem warhead. This reflects the EFEC’s peace-keeping roots as EFEC decided to equip the PAH-6 with optically-guided missiles to minimize collateral damage. Also keeping with EFEC doctrine is the Cheetah’s emphasis speed.


Effective against:

Tanks, Artillery, Riflemen in the open

Vulnerable to:

IFV Transports, Engineers in cover or garrisoned

Picture GalleryEdit


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