Nigel Tuney
Unit: Ghost Special Forces
Class: Demolitions Expert
Professional Details
Status: Unkown
Rank: Sergeant

Personnal Details

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: September 11, 1980
Place of Birth: Thorpe Slavin, England
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)

Born September 11, 1980, in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire. Working-class upbringing. Father (Ian) ran a petrol station, mother (Isobel) taught preschool. Father served in British Army 1974-1978; saw duty in Northern Ireland. Frequently in trouble with school and legal authorities. Cited for shoplifting, vandalism and other minor offenses repeatedly. Excelled in chemistry in school. Was expelled (1997) for prank gone wrong which resulted in demolition of school's chemistry laboratory and slight injuries to two teachers. Enlisted shortly thereafter. Natural aptitude for explosives became obvious during basic training. Was assigned to EOD and served with distinction. Disciplined several times for "unconventional approach." Recruited by SAS in 2001 and trained in demolitions. Defused ULA-planted explosives at Gatwick in 2004 and won national acclaim; later used [over strenuous objections] in recruiting campaign as "the face of the new army." Attached to Ghosts in 2005.

Nigel Tunney threatens to quit approximately once every three weeks. He is loud, brash, and as much of a free spirit as a member of SAS dares to be. On one memorable occasion, he reported after leave with his hair dyed bright pink. Tunney parties hard but works harder, and constantly keeps one eye on his father's service record as a benchmark for his own achievements. He is gregarious, aggressively friendly, and rarely takes "no" for an answer. When working, he is absolutely meticulous, and all traces of his off-duty persona disappear, except for the predilection for peppering every sentence with profanity. Tunney is a die-hard Blackburn Rovers fan, and defends the side's honor more aggressively than he defends his own.

"You! Hold my pint while I get the satchel charges. Yes, of course I'm kidding, you stupid bastard - you think I'd trust you with the beer?"

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