Megiddo is a mysterious entity that has vast amounts of power and influence around the world in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. The group is largely clandestine, with only a handful of people being aware of its existence. Sam Fisher discovers that Tom Reed was actually a mole working for Megiddo. Reed attempted to assassinate President Caldwell due to her refusal to cooperate with Megiddo so that Vice President Calvin Samson (also working for Megiddo) could take her place. Megiddo was controlling all the antagonistic forces that Fisher had to contend with. Despite Megiddo's limited mention in Conviction, the group is actually one of the most antagonistic entities in the game. When Sam interrogates Galliard at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, he learns that Megiddo controls a number of different places such as Beijing and Moscow, but before going any further he is assassinated by a shooter who was working for Megiddo to protect its identity. It is assumed that the car bomb which kills the shooter was meant for the shooter to avoid revealing what Megiddo is. A possible reference to Megiddo is heard in the final level of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 in General Morgunov's speech, when he mentions "forces more powerful than nations on this earth".

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