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Maria Narcissa
Cargo Ship
Organization: Celestinia Inc.
Class: Freighter
Vehicle Details

The Maria Narcissa is a fictional freighter vessel that appears in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


The Maria Narcissa is a cargo ship that has been in operation for many years. It is owned and operated by a Portuguese shipping company known as Celestinia Inc. It is registered in the Philippines and maintains a number of cross-Pacific freight contracts. The vessel usually maintains a crew of a few dozen and a sizable maintenance crew to keep the ship running. The vessel has been traveling the seas for years and has since come of age, and thus is in need of constant repair. By the year 2007, the vessel was under the command of Captain Diego, and the ship began to partake in more suspicious activities.


Little is known of the operational history of the Maria Narcissa, as its records are incomplete and many details rubbed out. During the summer of 2007, the Maria Narcissa began to partake in communist guerrilla activities, namely those of the Peruvian terrorist organization known as "The People's Voice". After the terrorists kidnapped, interrogated, and subsequently murdered American engineer Bruce Morgenholt in an attempt to acquire data on the Masse Kernels, the terrorist leader Hugo Lacerda fled by boat to the Maria Narcissa, evading interception by the American authorities. Lacerda quickly assumed control of the vessel, installing a large number of soldiers to guard the vessel and forcing Captain Diego to surrender his personal cabin in order to silence the boisterous rebel leader. Lacerda brought with him two personal bodyguards from a then-unknown contact to ensure that nobody on the vessel attempted to kill him. His presence on the vessel caused notable discontent among the vessel's crew and soldiers, who found Lacerda to be intolerable.

After learning of Lacerda's location at the Ponta Blanco Lighthouse near Talara, NSA Agent Sam Fisher inserted himself on the bow of the Maria Narcissa, and made his way through the vessel in his search for Lacerda. While on the ship, Fisher discovered that the vessel was also dealing in illegal weapons smuggling, given to Lacerda as payment for his services to his various contacts. Fisher planted trackers on all weapons crates in an effort to identify Lacerda's accomplices. During his pursuit of Lacerda, the Maria Narcissa took on water and several compartments flooded, causing fears that the ship would sink. Fortunately, Fisher activated the forward pumps before this could happen. In addition to this, the ship suffered a massive gas leak in the engine room, creating a serious fire hazard. Despite these obstacles, Fisher eventually forced his way up to the ship's bridge, where he interrogated Captain Diego on Lacerda's whereabouts.

Fisher reached Diego's cabin and found Lacerda guarded by two foreign mercenaries. By eavesdropping on Lacerda's rants, he learned that Lacerda was receiving finance from the MCAS Banco de Panama, a lead that would prove vital to Third Echelon's pursuit of Lacerda's contact. When Lacerda left his quarters for a shot of rum, Fisher captured him and after a very brief interrogation, executed the guerrilla leader, thus ensuring he could say nothing more about the Masse Kernels.

After the mission, Fisher extracted from the lifeboat racks on the Maria Narcissa, leaving the crew to deal with those Fisher had left for dead.

It is unknown what activities the Maria Narcissa has since partaken in.

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