A tank is a armoured vehicle on tracks made for front-line combat.

Main Battle Tank
Endw nextgen render faction efec tank 011


Tanks are extremely efficient against most armored vehicles, although they are vulnerable to entrenched engineers, artillery strikes, gunships and minefields. The Russians employ the T-100 Ogre, described as being the World War III equivalent of the Tiger I tank of World War II, and is extremely mine-resistant, apparently to compensate for the lack of Russian mine sweeping technology. The Europeans employ the Panther 1A3, developed by some of the best corporations across Europe, and utilizes an arguably cruel microwave-emitter. The Americans use the M5 Schwartzkopf, named after Persian Gulf War general Norman Schwarzkopf.

Each individual unit can gain many upgrades for attack and defense (e.g. extra armor on sides of tanks or anti-aircraft gun attached to tanks). Upgrades must be bought from points earned in the game.[1]

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