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Manufacturer: Brügger & Thomet
Users: NATO, Switzerland
Class: Submachine Gun
Weapon Details
Ammunition Type: 9x19mm
Magazine Capacity: 30-Round Clip
Rate of Fire: 13.1 sps (Roughly), Semi, Full
Optics: Laser Sight, Reflex Scope, Rifle Scope
Supressed: Optional
Length: 30cm (52cm stock extended)
Weight: 1.4kg

The MP9 is a submachine that was created by Brügger & Thomet.

Information Edit

The MP9 is a development of the Steyr TMP. Differences from the TMP include a stock that folds to the right side of the weapon, an integrated Picatinny rail, and a new trigger safety. There is also a semi-automatic version called the TP9.

Rainbow Six: Vegas Edit

In the video game Rainbow Six: Vegas the MP9 has a damage level of 5, range level of 2 and an accuracy level of 9. Each clip can hold 30 rounds and the user has a total of 8 clips to use. The MP9 can be used in semi-automatic or fully automatic fire and can be equipped with a silencer, laser sight, reflex scope or a rifle scope. It fires at roughly 13.5 shots per second.


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