Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch/ U.S. Army joint project
Users: None, XM8 project cancelled in 2005
Class: Assault Rifle
Weapon Details
Ammunition Type: 5.56x45mm NATO
Magazine Capacity: 30 rds.
Optics: Laser Sight, Red Dot Sight, 6x Scope, Rifle Scope
Supressed: Optional
Barrel length: 9.5 in. PDW

12.5 in. Carbine

20.0 in. Marksman

The M8 is an assault rifle.


The H&K (X)M8 is a modular weapon designed to fill a number of tactical roles, from compact close quarters combat to a full-length marksman precision rifle. The standard carbine variant is equipped with a 12.5 in. barrel and a lightweight polymer frame for excellent maneuverability and medium range accuracy.  With numerous accesory rails the M8 can be fitted with various optics and laser aiming devices.


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