M320 Spartan
M320 Spartan
Self-Propelled Howitzer
Manufacturer: Unknown
Orign: JSF/United States Army
Organization: U.S. Army
Class: SPG
Vehicle Details
Height: 10'5"
Length: 29'6"
Width: 10'1"
Weight: 26 tons
Crew: 4

The M320 Spartan is a very high-tech unit. It's 155mm gun may be old, but the rest is modern.


Nothing scares enemy soldiers more than artillery fire. When the U.S. military wanted to replace its older units, it wanted a brand-new SPG, beginning with a gun.

Lots of different guns were tested for the M320, but none of them worked. Finally, the JSF decided to go with the 155mm that served for years. The gun is old, but the ammunition is new. The rounds have huge levels of accuracy, and are deadly.

Tech CommentaryEdit

Artillery fire from a few Spartans will wreak havoc, but when upgraded with Grid Smasher rocket launchers, a single M320 can destroy a city block in seconds.

The Spartan is equipped with the same hybrid engine the M118 Fastback uses, which makes it fuel-efficient, which is needed in the year 2020.

The M320 Spartan is a powerful vehicle, but like all SPGs, they are vulnerable to gunships and ground units at close range.

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