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Location: Ponta Blanco Lighthouse, near Talara, Peru

Lighthouse is the first mission in the video game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Story Edit

Growing tension forces China and North Korea and America and Japan to engage in Passive hostility. The Japaneese I-SDF (Information self defense force) causes China and North Korea some amount of distress, as they see this as a violation of the post-war treaties that Forbid Japan from having a military force capable of striking beyond it's borders. Amidst this tension a blockade is established in the Yellow sea by China and North Korea.

In response to this, the US sends aid to It's Japaneese alies- the USS Walsh, the most cifisticated battle ship in the world. Instead of difusing the tension this raises it even more.

To make matters worse Bruce Morgenholt is Kidnapped.

Agent Sam Fisher is sent by the NSA to Peru in regard with the kidnapping of Bruce Morgenholt by the Peruvian paramilitary organization "The People's Voice". The reason why a top government agent of the US is sent on a simple rescue mission is that Mogenholt is one of the best computational theorists in the world and is one of 2 people with knowledge of the weaponised algorithms developed by Philip Masse, know as the Masse Kernels.

Sam's primary objective is not the rescue of Morgenholt but rather to prevent the People's voice from acquiring Morgenholt's knowledge. During the mission Fisher finds out that Hugo Lacerda (leader of the People's voice) has been contracted to interrogate Morgenholt in regard to the Masse Kernels. Also, Fisher is unable to prevent Morgenholt's execution and Lacerda's escaping.

Mission OverviewEdit

The mission begins with Sam Fisher crouching on the beach of the Ponta Blanco Lighthouse. He makes his way threw some caves and crawls threw a hole in the rock. After climbing up to the top of the "cliff" he encounters two that normally should be carrying AK-47's but for some reason are not. Fisher makes his way threw the passages and guards and comes across two men shocking Bruce Morgenholt with electricity and trying to pump him for information which as it turns out he already has. After taking out the guards Fisher makes his way into The Fortress area to get to his target Hugo Lacerda. A large green tent is in the area with only one way in so Fisher cuts the back of it with his SC Knife and grabs the man standing at the table. He pumps him for information and continues on his path. Once at the lighthouse area he makes his way along a cliffs edge to get to the actual lighthouse were he finds out that Lacerda has already escaped on a boat named the "Maria Narcissa". Fisher takes out a couple guards, turns off the lighthouse's light and calls for extraction.[1]


Primary Objectives Edit

  • Discover where the Guerillas got their arms and equipment
    • The Guerillas have seemingly received weapons from an unknown party, possibly as payment for the kidnapping of Bruce Morgenholt. Discover where the weapons came from
  • Recover or destroy information about the Mass Kernels
    • Any information the Guerillas may have gotten from Morgenholdt must be recoverd or destroyed, and any copies of it must be erased from computers or servers
  • Rescue Morgenholt
    • If possible rescue Bruce Morgenholt from the Guerillas. Do not compromise the mission for the rescue

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Eliminate Hugo Lacerda
    • Hugo Lecerda has been elevated to third echelon's target of opportunity list. Take advantage of any possible opportunity to remove him from the list

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Scan the SSCC bar code of the delivered crates
    • Scan the weapons crates containing weapons delivered to Lacerda by checking them manually or by using your EEV

See AlsoEdit


  1. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

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