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Las Trinidad
Faction: Independent
Class: Private Military Company
Organization Details
Status: Disbanded
Base: Sierra Five

Las Trinidad was a small Brazilian PMC (almost acting out as a semi-government); that was nationalist and anti-American aillance. Las Trinidad's territory rests on a small province on the northern coast of Brazil. The PMC played an important role into the prelude and into the events of the 2021 War.

General Information Edit

Las Trinidad's Purpose Edit

As in accordance to the Reykjavik Accords, Las Trinindad received chartered operational space on the northern coast of Brazil; in particularly remote regions and areas. Their leaders sought political and social trust with local governments to maintain strength and stability; in order to fuel sponsored nationalist idealism against the United States of America and its assets.

History Edit

Early Activity Edit

In 2014, once that local citizens were relocated to more urban sectors outside of Las Trinidad's airspace, the PMC began to use corporate assets in building bases, depots, ports, yards, compounds, factories and airfields. Then, Las Trinidad's political executives cracked down on radicalizing their personnel with state-sponsored PR propaganda. It called for nationalism and anti-American alliance. Las Trinidad began exporting weapons and security detail to anti-Western nations, factions or other PMCs. Las Trinidad also built up its vast war machine of privately-invested arms; over time when profits increased. Through 2014 and 2021, Las Trinidad will be the dominant continental PMC in South America.

Post-2021 War Edit

Around early June of 2021, political tensions between the Brazilian government and the Las Trinidad led to sharply increasing squabbling. The UN chartered the PMC, Artemis Global Security, to deploy mercenary forces in that corporate sector and aid Brazilian forces on the coast and along the regional border. Then, on the 14th, Las Trinidad took Artemis forces completely by surprise in an attack on Rio de Janeiro. The battlefront was intense. First, Las Trinidad sent a fighter group as an air raid while they deployed tanks into downtown. As the raid continued, Las Trinidad made matters worse when they sent a large convoy of warships on the coast and launched many amphibious landing craft into the beachheads. Shortly then, Artemis decimated the entire invasion force. Then, Las Trinidad dispatched their own mercenary aces, but Reaper Flight shot them all down. One day after a brief battle, the US intervened and deployed task forces into the region. Later that night on the 16th, the US special forces sent in the Ghosts to infiltrate and secure battle plans in Sierra Five to the northwest, deep in Las Trinidad territory. Aided and supported by Reaper Flight, the Ghosts were safely extracted and better yet, Las Trinidad's headquarters was left beyond major repairs. The US had hoped that Las Trinidad would be forced to negotiate, but they refused to respond. The United States Navy deployed a carrier strike group to a remote island where a Las Trinidad naval fleet stationed in the Straits of Magallan. Artemis dispatched Reaper Flight to the scene as support roles for the task force. The Las Trinidad naval fleet was sunk, but the battle turned into a new wild card; Artemis left its contract from Brazil and the United States in order to set up market value treaty with Las Trinidad and increase their invested profits heavily. Reaper Flight in the area defected and joined the US carrier strike group. Artemis frigates, including their powerful flagship Myrmidon,  north from the south in an attempt to attack and destroy the carrier strike group. Reaper Flight repelled the attack and shot down all enemy aces in the vicinity. After the 2021 war, Las Trinidad was disbanded due to its economic problems.

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