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Lars Beckenbauer
Faction: European Federation
Organization: European Army
Corps: Enforcer Corps
Battalion: EFEC Battlegroup 22 (Armored)
Professional Details
Rank: Colonel
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chemnitz, Germany

Colonel Lars Beckenbauer is the commander of the EFEC Battlegroup 22 (Armored), and a former member of Rainbow Six.


Drafted into the East German Army in 1970, Lars Beckenbauer specialized in bomb disposal and demolitions. He was assigned to the East German Border Patrol, 1971. In 1976, he was arrested by the GDR State Security Service (Stasi) under suspicion of involvement in several high-profile defections. He was released for lack of evidence and discharged from army in 1977. Movements and activities from 1977-84 are unknown. The current German government will neither confirm, nor deny, rumors that he was a member of the "Libellen", an underground group held responsible for several bombings of East German governmental offices in and around Berlin in the summer of 1981. He resurfaced in 1985 when he was granted asylum by West Germany after a risky crossing of the Baltic Sea in a small sailboat. He opened Pyrotechno GmbH, a security consulting firm, in 1989 and since then he has built his reputation as Germany' s leading expert on explosives and demolitions.

Lars Beckenbauer is an ex-Rainbow operative and served as their Explosives Expert.

Lars commands EFEC Battlegroup 22 (Armored) during the events of EndWar.

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