LV-20 Charlemagne
LV-20 Charlemagne
Command vehicle
Orign: EFEC/European Army
Organization: European Army
Vehicle Details
Height: 4.1M / 13.5 ft
Length: 16.2M / 53.1 ft
Width: 2.6M / 8.5 ft
Weight: 15.9 Tons

The LV-20 Charlemagne is a Command Vehicle in the game EndWar. It is used by the European Federation Enforcer Corps[1]

Overview Edit

The LV-20 can detect traps and stealth units, increase battlefield awareness, and can deploy UAVs and sentry drones. The most unique feature of the LV-20 is its armament. The Charlemagne is equipped with a Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) rather than conventional arms and its drones are equipped advanced directed energy weapon systems. Many consider the LV-20 to be the most advanced wheeled vehicle ever created. It is usually painted in Digital or Urban Blue Camo.

Tech commentary Edit

The LV-20 Charlemagne allows European Enforcer Corps commanders to acquire and disseminate large amounts of battlefield data quickly and effectively. Its vast array of sensory equipment covers nearly every visible and invisible spectrum from infra-red to ultraviolet and also includes a compliment of advanced audio sensors. This means that very few, if any, modern stealth units are able to go by undetected when an LV-20 is around the battlefield. The design is mainly French with additional Swedish and Estonian elements and a Croatian targeting system.

Instead of conventional armaments, the LV-20 is equipped with a Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL). Its power plant is the same electric engine that the AMZ-50 uses. It also has a high-capacity energy generator to power its THEL. Details on this generator are classified. All LV-20s have emergency gas-powered generators attached to the THEL for use when the primary power generator is disabled.

The Charlemagne can deploy EFEC Archer sentry drones which are equipped with the same Active Denial System and Taser systems used by EFEC Grenadiers. Its deployable UAV is an EFEC Eaglefly which has advanced optical systems for threat detection and is equipped with guided air to ground missiles. Proper use of the LV-20 can be a valuable asset when trying to achieve full spectrum dominance over enemy forces.

Specification Edit

Effective against

Gunships and Stealth

Vulnerable to

Close Combat


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