Faction: European Federation
Corps: EFEC
Unit Details
Status: Active

Kommandos are an infantry unit type of the EFEC. They are effective against engineers and drones, but vulnerable to tanks, gunships and IFV transports.

Overview Edit

The Enforcer Corps Kommandos includes members that come from many elite special operations groups throughout Europe. This variety is considered an advantage by European commanders. Kommando units are encouraged to stick with the tactics and doctrines of their original units rather than conform to one universal rule set. This means one group of Enforcer Corps Kommandos may behave and function in a manner that is radically different from another. European commanders feel that this will help keep their enemies off balance and allow for more specialized deployments. All Enforcer Corps battalions excel in urban and counter-terror operations.

Tech Commentary Edit

Various conflicts in the late 20th and early 21st Century showed how lacking the 5.56mm NATO round was. When the European Federation broke away from NATO it was decided that the Enforcer Corps needed to adopt a new rifle cartridge. Ironically, the Europeans decided to go with a 7mm NATO round that is actually a modernized version of a .280 caliber round created in the late 1940s. Immediately after the decision was made to adopt this cartridge, manufacturers in Belgium (E3000 Carbine), France (FMS AG2 Assault Rifle), and Austria (UAR 7 Bullpup Support Weapon), began mass production of 7mm weapons earmarked for Enforcer Corps Kommandos use. Tactics and strategies vary from one Enforcer Corps Kommando group to another based on unit origin and additional armament (like the Hungarian Gepard V M4AMR anti-materiel rifle). European commanders see this as an asset as enemies are always kept on their toes and individual groups are able to make a niche' for their abilities as well as make a name for themselves. The Enforcer Corps Kommandos are especially known for their superb skill in urban combat and being tech-savvy. Few soldiers can match their ability to storm buildings and secure uplinks. Much of this is due to the dissemination of CQC tactics from a large pool of elite urban combat and counter-terrorist groups such as TEK (Hungarian), GSG-9 (German), and GIGN (French). The fact that the Enforcer Corps are in many ways a descendant of Rainbow Six also furthers this strength.

Members of the Enforcer Corps Kommandos pride themselves on their professionalism and hold themselves up to a very high standard. In a sense, they are the perfect modern-day embodiment of the medieval Knight, chivalrous, brave, and steadfast in their beliefs. However, this should not be mistaken for softness. Enforcer Corps Kommandos are capable of carrying out their orders with chilling efficiency and are not afraid to make sacrifices for the "greater good".

Primary armament E3000 assault rifle, UAR 7 bullup assault rifle, JO-2 .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Special features Can take advantage of cover, garrison buildings and can capture/upgrade uplink points.

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Sources Edit

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