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President Kombayn Nikoladze
Kombayn Nikoladze
Organization: Republic of Georgia
Professional Details
Status: Deceased

Personnal Details

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1943
Place of Birth: Georgia
Date of Death: November 13, 2004
Place of Death: Georgian Presidential Palace
Cause of Death: Shot

Kombayn Nikoladze was the former President of the Republic of Georgia and the main antagonist of Splinter Cell.

Personal InformationEdit

Kombayn Nikoladze was born in Georgia in 1943 in the former Soviet Union who throughout his life built up his personal wealth and was a billionaire by 2004. He holds considerable power in Georgian politics and economics. He presents himself as a strongly pro-Western man who supports strong ties with NATO, but secretly is strongly anti-American and eager to carry out his own personal agenda against the West.


In 2004, the President of Georgia was assassinated in a suicide bomb attack committed by Abkhazian separatist rebels. Seizing this opportunity to gain power, Nikoladze seized power in a bloodless coup de'tat and was immediately sworn in as the President of Georgia. He promised to hold free elections in the days that followed, as well as strong ties with NATO. He quickly became popular among the people and in the months that followed, he gained the trust and admiration of American leaders.

During his first year as President, Nikoladze promoted the installation of fiber optic communications activity in the Caucasus and dedicated his rule towards the reform of the Georgian economy. Georgia experienced an extraordinary economic boom as well as a rise in military production. Nikoladze won worldwide praise for the reform he brought to Georgia.

However, unbeknownst to the Western world, Nikoladze's intentions were less than pure. Nikoladze secretly collaborated with Russian mercenaries under the command of former Spetsnaz operative Vyacheslav Grinko and Canadian computer hacker Philip Masse in an attempt to expand his sphere of influence in the Caucasus. Nikoladze had noted the enormous economic gains the neighboring country of Azerbaijan was enjoying due to its vast petroleum reserves. In the hopes of boosting his own wealth and that of Georgia's, Nikoladze made plans to invade Azerbaijan in an attempt to seize its vast supply of petroleum.

Using highly sophisticated information warfare techniques provided by Philip Masse, Nikoladze erased all media coverage of the events in Georgia, enabling him to invade the country without the knowledge of NATO or the world at large. In the weeks that followed, the Goergian Armed Forces slaughtered untold thousands of Azerbaijani citizens, eventually gaining control of virtually the entire country. With the Azeribaijani government unable to request international assistance, Nikoladze was sure of victory.

However, the CIA had grown suspicious of Nikoladze, and inserted Agent Allison Madison to investigate him. She eventually got close enough to him to secure a cabinet position, but was subsequently killed when she learned too much. CIA Agent William Robert Blaustein was sent in to find her, but he too was killed by the Georgians. The CIA requested assistance from the NSA, so Third Echelon deployed Sam Fisher into Georgia to find the two agents. After finding their bodies in a local police morgue, Fisher discovered that their sub-dermal sensors were stolen by Grinko, so he tracked him to the Georgian Defense Ministry. He then discovered Nikoladze's connections to him and Masse, as well as his genocidal campaign in Azerbaijan. With evidence of Nikoladze's crimes, the NSA alerted NATO, prompting an intervention on the behalf of Azerbaijan.

Self-Imposed Exile After NATO deployed into the Caucasus region, Azerbaijan was swiftly liberated and Georgia was subsequently occupied. Fearful that he would be charged with war crimes, Nikoladze and his cabinet fled the country and went underground, engaging in their own private campaign against the United States of America. Nikoladze used information warfare algorithms provided by Masse to attack strategic targets across the U.S. Nikoladze launched a massive wave of information warfare attacks against major U.S. cities, disrupting communications, transportation, and power systems across the country and killing dozens of Americans, initiating the "Georgian Information Crisis".

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