Ka-65 Howler
SGB Howler
Attack Helicopter
Manufacturer: Kamov
Orign: SGB/Russian Army
Class: Attack Helicopter
Vehicle Details
Armament: 30mm Chain Gun, 88mm Rockets, Burratino
Ammunition Type: Rockets
Height: 5.4m
Length: 13,2m
Width: 6.1m
Weight: 11,000 kg
Crew: 2

The Ka-65 Howler is a Russian attack helicopter in EndWar.


The Ka-65 Howler is referred to by some as the "flying tank." Thanks to its coaxial, counter-rotating, four-blade main rotors, it is capable of generating more than enough power to stay aloft while also being heavily armed and armored. Its unique rotor system also ensures that it is a remarkably stable weapons platform and is very capable of flying through harsh weather conditions. The Howler can easily provide airborne troops support in nearly any situation.

Tech CommentaryEdit

Robust, durable, tough – just a few of the words used by pilots to describe the Ka-65 Howler. When it was decided that the Spetsnaz needed a new attack helicopter, Russian research and development teams created what is basically a flying tank. The Ka-65 is a true all-weather combat helicopter and seats a crew of 2: one pilot, one gunner, sitting side by side. If it wasn't for all its armor and weaponry, the Ka-65 would actually be fairly light and remarkably nimble, thanks to all the power that comes from its coaxial rotor system. The Howler can carry more weaponry than any other gunship in the world. Its 30mm cannon was originally developed for use on a ground-based Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and it can carry plenty of 88mm folding fin rockets and air-to-ground anti-tank missiles. Since Russia has lots of oil, the Howler is powered by fossil fuels.

The Ka-65 is so well-protected that even its cockpit glass can withstand 20mm rounds. Tail rotors were often the "Achilles heel" of helicopters and many guerrilla and terrorist groups learned to target them with RPG and rocket fire. The Howler does't need a tail rotor thanks to its two main rotors, doing away with this weakness. In fact, there are really no known "soft" spots on the Ka-65, and there's no easy way to bring one down without the proper amount of firepower -- and even trying is quite dangerous.


  • The Howler has the same designation as the Soviet Twinblade from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. While it is questionable that the devlopers of either game intended it, this makes the Twinblade and Howler alternate versions of the same craft.

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