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KV-20 Zhukov
Orign: Russia
Organization: SGB
Class: Artillery
Vehicle Details
Armament: Dual 152mm Howitzers
Ammunition Type: Chemical Shells
Length: 38.39 Ft. (11.7 M)
Width: 11.48 Ft. (3.5 M)

The KV-20 Zhukov is the SGB's artillery.


The KV-20 Zhukov features two 152mm Howitzers that fire chemical shells. Unlike other self-propelled artillary which have caterpillar tracks, The KV-20 Zhukov has six wheels for both support and grip. Its main weakness lies in its smaller caliber guns (152mm compared to 155mm for the EFEC and JSF) but it compensate by having two of them side by side. It can also be upgraded to fire chemical ammunition that effectively do the same damage as an airstrike.

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