NAR-COM MIS01 01 Jos000

Josh Rosen in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Josh Rosen was a member of the U.S Army during the war in Mexico. He aided Scott Mitchell and his troops during this war.

Military CareerEdit

Lt. Joshua Rosen was the guy with his I-pod touch in the back seat of the Blackhawk 5 bird during the Mexican Civil war of 2013. He also gave mission briefings to Capt. Scott Mitchell and the Ghost team during the war, where he also was captured after Blackhawk 5 helicopter was shot down by an RPG. He was soon rescued by the Ghost team after being located in a hacienda somewhere along the Mexican state of Chihuahua's border in the mountains. After he was rescued, he immediately pulled out his I-pod touch and started talking on Facebook about his experience as a P.O.W. He later airlifted Mitchell after Mitchell called an airstrike on the WMD the rebels had in their possession.


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