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John Clark
Willem Dafoe as John Clark
Professional Details
Status: Alive
Callsign: Rainbow Six, Snake

Personnal Details

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1944
Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana

John Clark (aka John Terrence Kelly, Snake and Rainbow Six) is a Paramilitary Operations Officer for the CIA. Edit

Physical Description: Edit



John Terence Clark (Birth name: John Terence Kelly) is a former Navy SEAL. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, his mother died of cancer when he was nine. After rescuing Admiral Dutch Maxwell's son out of Vietnam, Kelly contracted a severe infection from river water which had seeped into scratches from thorns. While recovering aboard a Navy ship, he learned that his father had died of a heart attack while rescuing two children from a burning building. Later, while assisting in demolition of an oil platform damaged by hurrican Camille, Kelly's wife Patricia was killed when a tractor-trailer lost its brakes, hitting her car in an intersection. A year and a half later, Kelly picked up a hitchhiker, named Pamela Madden, who was a former prostitute. Kelly took her to his island, along the way meeting Dr. Sam Rosen and Dr. Sarah Rosen, a husband and wife who were stranded when their props scraped on a sandbar. While unloading his boat, Kelly discovered that Pamela was abusing barbituates, and, along with the Rosens, helped her recover. After returning to Baltimore to meet with Officer Frank Allen of the Baltimore Police concerning the murder of Helen Waters, which Pam had witnessed, he encountered her former pimp, William "Billy" Grayson. Succeeding in outwitting Grayson in a car chase, Kelly parked on a side street. Grayson had called friends who helped him track down Kelly and Pam, and Kelly was shot twice in the head and neck with a shotgun. Pamela was then brutally raped and killed, her body dumped in a fountain. After recovering, Kelly learned of her murder and began to plot his revenge. After killing 16 men involved with the drug ring, Kelly was tracked down by Lieutenant Emmett Ryan of the Baltimore Police. With the help of Admiral James Greer and the CIA he was able to fake his death and become John Clark.



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