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John Brown's Army
Organization Details
Base: JBA Headquarters
Leader: Emile Dufraisne

John Brown's Army (aka the JBA), is a fictional American domestic terrorist organization found in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. They are the primary antagonistic faction in the game.


The JBA had created a plot to overthrow the U.S. government as they saw it to be overtly corrupt. Sam Fisher, in undertaking what Irving Lambert cited as being "the most dangerous mission of his career", had to infiltrate the JBA Headquarters to destroy it and gain information about its associate terrorist groups. They are named after the 19th century anti-slavery activist John Brown.

The JBA's revolutionary plans slowly unfolded before Sam, as he partook in their many crimes and gained their trust. He became a member of the JBA after helping Jamie Washington escape from Ellsworth Penitentiary after intentionally being placed there by the NSA.

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